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Inverter with Battery for Home Use and Your Family Power Needs

If you are living in a city where power cuts and fluctuations are a common occurrence, then buying an inverter is no option for you. Inverters not only keep the basic functioning of your products on but also increase the life of your electronic appliances by saving them from frequent fluctuations. An inverter is an electronic device that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) to use with our various electrical and electronic home appliances.


Our home appliances usually run on AC power. In layman language, it stores the energy (electricity) as a backup in the batteries when there is power and distributes it in order to run home appliances in case of a power failure.

It lets the electricity supply intact without any breaks.

Who Needs a Power Inverter?

Anyone on the move – in a car, truck, RV, or motorboat – can take advantage of a power inverter. That’s because each of these vehicles has a battery (usually 12 volts) that is useful for running a laptop, DVD player, or even a refrigerator.

But the vehicle battery is direct current (DC), and all those devices run off of alternating current (AC). That’s where the power inverter comes in.

A power inverter has one job: to convert DC to AC. Buy one small box that plugs into your cigarette lighter socket or attaches directly to your battery, and you can plug in all those devices and charge your smartphone, run power tools, or set up lights at your campsite.

Yes, there are limits on the amount of power an inverter can provide. But in general, if the device is light enough to carry around, then you can run it from your vehicle with a power inverter.

1. BESTEK 2000W Power Inverter

One of the more powerful models, this model is capable of handling power-demanding devices. Fully capable of keeping on refrigerators, footlights, and all of your small appliances, this unit is as versatile as can be.

This unit loaded with six 50 amp fuses, this unit protects all of your devices from surge power or overload protection. While this unit set up to be usable in a car, the only power ports are the three 110 volt outlets.

This unit fitted with a massive cooling fan, this unit is louder than many of the other entries while it runs. 


It also needs to be kept out of sunlight, or away from heat-producing devices as it can become overheated. It comes with both a cigarette lighter and alligator clamps, but running it on the cigarette lighter limited the unit from delivering at full power.

This device should only be used with a 12v dc power supply. This unit designed for assisting with larger appliances and heavier loads, not the best choice for travel or use on the road.

2. UFire 3000 Watt Inverter

Providing up to 3000 watts of continuous power, and 6000 watts maximum, this is great for home usage when the power goes out or when temporary power needed on a job site.

This unit is connected directly to the battery, and it does not have a cigarette lighter adapter as the power is too high for that type of usage.


Built with 12 fuses, each at 35 amps, this unit will protect whatever may be plugged into it from overload.

Along with that, there are multiple forms of protection built into the unit, keeping it safe from taking damage as well.

It built with only two 110 volt outlets, and it’s limited on how many devices can use at one time. Only for use with a 12-volt power supply.

The device has two LED displays that low voltage from the battery and how much voltage output is going through the device while in use. This 5000-watt unit has four 110 volt outlets and two

3. POTEK 5000W Power Inverter

USB ports. With 5000 watts of continuous power, overloading this device is unlikely, even if all power ports are in use at the same time.

This unit is not for use while operating a vehicle. Its primary purpose is for worksites, power inverter for camping, solar power inversion for use in homes, and similar applications.


Being as powerful as it is, the draw from the battery is so great that a reliable connection must be created with the battery terminals to prevent the risk of fire. 

The unit comes with three wires for each the positive and the negative, along with a ground wire to reduce that fire risk.

One drawback to the continuous power provided by this unit is that it serves as a modified sine wave device, so the stability of the current may not be as strong as desired.


4. AIMS Power 1500 WATT Pure SINE Inverter

This unit providing 1500 watts of continuous power, this unit made to operate based on a pure, or true sine wave. This is the most efficient inverter available, as they keep the power flow in line almost entirely. Along with that, this unit can surge to 4500 watts for its maximum power output.

Unfortunately, it can only manage that for 20 seconds at a time, but it is a massive boost of power.


The automatic generator start capability of this unit helps ensure that if the battery level is dropping too low that it can trigger an attached generator to start.

This is especially useful in conjunction with the built-in 50 amp inverter battery charger, so it can recharge the batteries as well as invert the power from them.

Frequently Asked Question

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions by Users before making a Purchase. We took our time to answer these questions so you have no need to worry. Check it out!

How do I know what size inverter to buy?

If you want a convenient gadget for charging your cell phone or tablet, a relatively small inverter (150 watts) would do the job. The more you want to do, the more power you need. A laptop, for example, requires about 300 watts.

Most people who just want to run a couple of gadgets while traveling will be fine with inverters around 500 watts or less. However, if you have larger demands, there are plenty of choices.

Why do some inverters have a cigarette lighter plug while others have battery clips?

It has to do with the amount of power your vehicle will transmit to the cigarette lighter port. It can be under 200 watts, and the maximum is about 400 watts. If you go above that, you might blow a fuse.

Where to buy the inverter online

All the top brand’s inverters are available online in the market. Unlike batteries, the Inverters are not hazmat products. The products are available in Amazon, Flipkart, and other top eCommerce stores.