JBL Flip 4 Speaker, Design, Performance, Battery, and Sound Quality

JBL speakers are known for amazing sound performance and JBL Flip 4 speaker will not really disappoint you in sound quality. It’s a great-sounding speaker with a high-quality bass base. This speaker is for the young millennials who enjoy music on the go. It’s not only portable but it delivers powerful stereo sound.

JBL Flip 4

Yes, the speaker is that it is waterproof but doesn’t float like the UE Wonderboom. You can play it at your pool party or house party.

It also features a built-in echo-canceling speakerphone. So, you can receive your calls with crystal clear quality. It integrates with a voice assistant to give you a great music experience.

If you compare JBL Flip 4 with JBL flip 3, then this version is much better. The features are updated and there has been a significant improvement in the sound performance of the speaker too.

The battery life of this speaker is also better as compared to the previous one. It’s durable so you can easily travel with the speaker.

The only issue with the speaker is it suffers in the high range. The design is great and wireless Bluetooth streaming is amazing.

For the price, this one is indeed a good option. It’s a worthy upgrade to the previous series of JBL. It can be your multifunction and multi-weather music companion for sure.

How’s the Build and Design of The JBL Flip 4?

After an original look for your Bluetooth-friendly sound supplier? Then you’re going to want to look elsewhere.

The JBL Flip 4’s design is firmly from the pages of the Bluetooth speaker designer’s handbook.

A slightly shorter version of the UE Boom 2, its canvas and rubber form see it line up as an outdoors-friendly, all-weather, all-location offering.

What this cylindrical, ruggedised speaker lacks in originality, however, it more than makes up for on  the practicality front.

The durable fabric material lets the sounds flow while keeping dirt and debris out, while the sizeable rubber end caps and body-hugging accents mean it can be comfortably chucked in your bag or mistreated at the beach without fear of damage.

Large play/pause, volume up and down, and sync buttons act as the on-device controls, with their oversized, plastic form making them easy to access when dealing with fingers chilled by the sea or caked in mud.

On the rear, the essential power control sits above a handy battery indicator, with five small LEDs giving an at-a-glance view of how close you are to needing a recharge.

There’s another physical button, this one for syncing up multiple speakers, although this is unlikely to get too much use.

A waterproof port cover hides the re-charge enabling micro USB socket and an AUX-in port for when Bluetooth’s not necessary.

Finishing the largely unadulterated look is a carry chord. Looped in to the top of the speaker, this shoelace style addition is perfect for letting you hang the speaker in a convenient, party-filling location, or have it set up in your shower.

Adding options to the minimalist design, the Flip 4 is available in six different colours, including the traditional black and less outdoor friendly white, as well as blue, red, grey, and green.

While these colour options are great for those looking to express their personality, they’re more about the party vibe than living room-adorning home audio enablement.

Sure the Flip 4 can sit on a self, but its look is more student digs than modern home chic.

How’s The Battery Life of the JBL Flip 4?

JBL claims a battery life of about 12 hours, but in our initial testing, we got exactly 4 hours on max volume. Yeah, big difference.

But the reason is because I feel like most people using a waterproof Bluetooth speaker are going to be using it outdoors, where it’s probably going to be on max volume. 

JBL Flip 4

However, when I lower the volume to between 50-75% it reaches 12 hours easily. So that’s something to keep in mind if you think you’re going to be out somewhere like the beach.

For a few hours you won’t have a problem, but if you’re planning a day trip or a day by the pool you might want to avoid high output or the speaker isn’t going to make it.


How Does The JBL Flip 4 Sound?

Unfortunately, despite its sophisticated design, there isn’t quite the same degree of sophistication in its sound quality. It’s good, but JBL has a strong reputation and we expect just a little more.

Starting it off with the iconic Star Wars theme from Revenge Of The Sith, the brass horns come in with a decent stride, the high blasts confidently fill the room and, importantly, there isn’t any sense of harshness or sharpness even at higher volume levels.

There’s certainly enough space in its presentation; every instrument gets its place and there’s never a feeling that one part of the frequency range is stepping over the mark.

JBL Flip 4

Drums, horns and strings remain distinct and the overall presentation is surprisingly wide too, especially from a speaker so small in stature.

It times nicely too, keeping up with rapid pop and fist-pumping rock as well as it handles slower stuff. Your feet should be tapping in no time.

But, on the downside, there isn’t quite enough dynamism to the Flip 4’s sound to really inspire us.

It doesn’t roll with the upward trills of the strings or the tense intrusion from the trumpets in John Williams’ score as well as it should, leaving the resounding climax of the song a tad empty.

Similarly, changing to Radiohead’s Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors, the processed, start-stop drums that begin the song – boosted by the two passive radiators at either end of the speaker ­– come across as one amorphous chunk of bass power, rather than showing off the differences in the multiple rhythms layered in the beat.

There’s a hint of the motorised, guttural tiers, but it needs greater definition.

Play the same song through Ultimate Ears’ Wonderboom speaker and, while the low frequencies are a little overstated, there’s notably more detail in them and a good deal more punch too.

The Flip 4 could also do with being a touch clearer.

Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, played through Tidal, is a great test of any speaker’s midrange chops – and while the Flip 4 does well, attentive enough to capture the naturally breathy tones in Pharrell’s vocals, we’d like it to be a bit more open and insightful to truly highlight the track’s self-assured tone.

Frequently Asked Questions

I hope you will find the following questions useful while searching for your best JBL sound system to make of.

QUES: Can I use it while charging the battery?

ANS: Yes you can. It will not interfere with the charging process.

QUES: It’s okay if i overcharge the speaker?

ANS: Yes, it is alright to overcharge since it will stop charging at 100% battery.

QUES: Can you use JBL Flip 4 while charging?

ANS: Yes, the Flip 4 can be used while charging.

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