John Lewis Ps5: Website Crashes As Console Goes Out Of Stock

John Lewis Ps5: Website Crashes As Console Goes Out Of Stock.

From delivery delays to breaking the internet, the launch of the PlayStation 5 has left some gamers disappointed. I know as a gamer this sounds interesting, right?

The PS5 has been described as a “new era for gaming” by maker Sony, with the new system promising higher-quality graphics and faster loading times.

The PS5 is several times more powerful than the current generation PlayStation 4 and is able to handle higher-quality graphics with significantly shorter loading times, making it a must-buy for gamers.

But demand for the new PlayStation has meant almost every website selling the console crashed at some point, leaving many people unable to actually buy the John Lewis Ps5 on its release day.

Shops such as John Lewis, Amazon, and Tesco started selling the new PlayStation online from Thursday morning with customers able to buy the machine for a short time until the websites stopped working.

Each retailer is now listing the console as ‘out of stock

John Lewis Ps5 – Coronavirus Causing Problems

Piers Harding-Rolls, a gaming analyst, said demand for both the PS5 and the new Xbox consoles had been very solid and would probably “come in waves as the product is restocked.”

“Clearly it is disappointing for consumers that have pre-ordered not to receive their console on launch day,”

He said, suggesting that the problem has been made worse because customers have been unable to buy the console from shops in person because of coronavirus restrictions.

Stocks of new consoles are always limited when they first come out, but the pandemic has caused issues meaning supply to shops has been less likely to meet the demand from customers.

“The UK is not alone in this respect – some US retailers also had their challenges last week during the launches,” said Piers.

Sony has given no indication of when the PlayStation 5 will become easier to buy online.

Competitors like Microsoft have warned that their Xbox Series X and S won’t be free of supply issues until April next year.


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The Currys site of John Lewis Ps5 has not gone down but, due to “huge demand”, has implemented a virtual queue to restrict traffic.

John Lewis Ps5

A message on the site reads that it has already run out of PS5 stock and is working to secure more.

Last week the company confirmed it had been forced to delay its planned release of the console.

“If you are really excited to get your hands on the PS5, we are hoping that it will go live later next month.

John Lewis Ps5 – More Highlight For You

Opportunistic hustlers are selling PlayStation 5 consoles, which launched in the UK this morning, on eBay for more than twice their retail price, with sellers demanding almost £1,000.

In order to convince desperate gamers the listings are accompanied by confirmation emails and images of their order details.

John Lewis Ps5

Customers voiced their annoyance and sadness at John Lewis Ps5 for being locked out of the websites, unable to get hold of a device.

One Twitter user, called Nicole, said: ‘Trying to help my friend get a PS5 and there are 120k people in the queue at Currys PC World LOL’.

Others used a visual medium, with GIFs and memes rife on social media.

Jake Madders, director of Hyve Managed Hosting, is an expert in running websites and says the crashing was ‘predictable’

‘When something like the launch of the PS5 has been known for months in advance, why are some companies and their chosen providers failing to prepare?’ he says.

‘We’re seeing a range of different tactics, from John Lewis using a global cache to keep the static website running but failing to convert sales, to the full-scale crashing of websites such as GAME.

‘Tesco built a separate website to handle increased visitors, which has also crashed. Even tech behemoth Amazon has crashed.

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