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LG OLED55C9PLA 55 inch OLED 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV

The LG C9 OLED is an excellent TV. Like all OLED TVs, it delivers outstanding dark room performance, thanks to the perfect inky blacks and perfect black uniformity. It has an outstanding response time, delivering clear motion with no blur trail, but this does cause stutter when watching movies.


The LG OLED55C9 is the latest mid-range 4K OLED TV from the manufacturer. It includes the Alpha 9 processor not found in the entry-level B9 but eschews the expensive cosmetic enhancements found on models further up the range, making it something of a sweet spot in terms of performance and price.

The LG C9 OLED Overview

The LG C9 provides the option of automatically switching the TV to game mode for lower latency, all without having to find the remote to change the picture setting.

The switch was automatic when the console was turned on. These additional features are a benefit of the TV’s HDMI 2.1 ports, which have greater bandwidth than the HDMI 2.0 ports found on the majority of 4K TVs

Because OLED technology offers remarkably consistent picture quality, we feel very comfortable saying that our performance test results are likely indicative of similar quality in the models of other sizes.

And because all three models feature the same processing hardware and smart TV features, we’re confident in extending our recommendations to these other sizes. Without the stand, the LG C9 measures 57 x 32.7 x 1.8 inches.

Most of the thickness is at the bottom of the TV, which is less than 2 inches thick overall and houses the set’s internal components and speakers. The top half of the TV, however, is an impressive 0.1 inches thick.

LG C9 OLED Performance:

The LG C9 has a 65-inch OLED panel that looks stunning, thanks to excellent color quality, impressive brightness and extremely smooth action. It’s one of the best displays we’ve seen, in large part because it’s almost identical to last year’s OLED panels.

LG has set a high bar for OLED quality, to the point that the C9 (and other 2019 OLEDs) don’t actually offer significant improvements to the display panel over anything we saw last year. The panel technology remains unchanged because the technology has been pushed just about as far as it will go.


The 2019 panels get a little brighter than older versions, but otherwise, they offer the same performance and quality as seen in previous models. That’s not a problem, because the level of quality is impeccable.

The C9 looks great, but sometimes manufacturers will give a TV display a tweak that makes it look good while actually making it slightly less accurate.

The set may hew less true to the precise colors and lighting that a director intended, while the brightness or color saturation get ramped up to make images pop a little more on-screen.

LG OLED55C9 Features:

The LG OLED55C9 is very much an evolution of the company’s previous OLED TVs, with the same 4K (3840 x 2160) 10-bit panel as last year.

 However, it also accepts a 12-bit signal and supports 4K frame rates up to 120Hz. The panel can deliver 100% of the DCI-P3 wider color gamut, and in testing, it produced a peak brightness of 780 nits on a 10% window.

The 2nd-generation Alpha 9 processor employs deep-learning AI algorithms that analyse a database composed of millions of images.

 As a result of this analysis, it then optimizes the picture depending on the type and quality of content. The processing can even recognize specific content and then optimize the image accordingly.

LG C9 OLED Gaming Performance:

When we plugged in our Xbox One X to check out 4K gaming on the C9, we were pleasantly surprised to find something new.

Not only did the TV support every feature available for 4K gaming and content 10-bit color, all frame rates, HDR10 and Dolby Vision content, and HDR gaming but it also offered us new capabilities. With advanced features enabled, the Xbox offered variable refresh rates.

LG C9 OLED Audio:

The C9 packs a surprising amount of audio hardware into a slim chassis, especially since half of it is mostly glass. A pair of 40-watt speakers provide ample volume, with a downward-firing position in the bottom of the TV chassis.


This machine also boasts a 20-watt woofer, which gives the bass a lot more oomph than you might expect from such a lithe design. Overall, the volume gets decently loud, and the bass levels are better than what most TVs offer.

However, reflecting sound off of whatever table or shelf is below the TV will lead to mixed results, since it won’t be the same in our lab as in your home. We also noticed some slight distortion as the volume approached full blast. You can fix both of these issues by getting one of the best soundbars to go with the TV.

One more reason for a soundbar? Dolby Atmos support. The LG C9 can handle Dolby’s vertical sound stage on the decoding side, but for the best performance, you want a speaker set or soundbar that can offer a fuller Atmos experience.

LG C9 OLED Ports:

While the outward design of the C9 offers only minor refinements over previous models, the port selection presents a major upgrade. All of the basic connections are present: three USB ports, an RF connector and tuner for antenna, composite input for older hardware, and an optical output for older audio systems.

But the real star here comes in the four HDMI ports; they all use HDMI 2.1, which you’ll find only on LG’s 2019 models.


The new connection standard also supports Quick Media Switching (QMS), which adjusts the TV’s resolution and frame rate to match whatever content you’re putting on screen.

 If you’ve ever tried to play a 24-Hz movie on a 60-Hz panel, you may have noticed the display goes black as you move from one content mode to another. QMS eliminates this buffering step, making it all the more seamless to enjoy all media sources on your TV.


LG C9 OLED Remote Control:

The LG Magic Motion remote control continues to be one of the best on the market, offering a comfortable device that’s fairly easy to navigate, despite being loaded with buttons.

The use of a clickable scroll wheel in conjunction with a standard directional pad makes navigating through smart TV menus a breeze. But the inclusion of a motion-controlled cursor, which means you can swoop around the screen with a waggle of the remote, gives this remote an advantage over the competition.


Text entry is much easier and faster, and selecting items quickly from setting and app menus becomes less confusing and cumbersome when it’s simply pointed and click.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the LG GX worth it?

The LG GX OLED is an amazing all-around TV. It’s an ideal choice for watching movies in a dark room because of its nearly infinite contrast ratio and perfect black uniformity. Gamers should enjoy the 120Hz refresh rate, VRR support, near-instant response time, and low input lag.

Is LG GX better than CX?

Our Verdict. In terms of picture quality, the LG GX OLED and the LG CX OLED are two very similar TVs and any differences come down to panel variance. Our unit of the CX has much better color accuracy, better gradient handling, and it gets slightly brighter. However, our unit of the GX has wider viewing angles.

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