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Affordable MacBook Cases You can Buy and Where to Get Them

Nobody wants the beautiful aluminum body of their MacBook scuffed or scratched. Fortunately, MacBook cases and sleeves are to the rescue. They’re a great way to keep your MacBook protected, store it for traveling, or just look classy when you’re carrying your computer around the office.

MacBook Cases

But there is an overwhelming number of cases and sleeves for the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. It can be hard to tell which are good quality and worth the money. 

So Macworld is getting hands-on with some of the best-known brands as well as more eclectic designers to pick out the best cases for Apple’s line of MacBooks, both new and old models. 

Best Macbook Cases

Because they’re always wrapped around a MacBook, hardshell cases offer the most security. You can count on these cases to protect your MacBook from unfortunate drops.

1. Twelve South Journal

If you want a leatherbound look, it’s a closed book; you have to get the Twelve South Journal. It gives the MacBook a look that’s reminiscent of a tome in a luxe library.

MacBook Cases


2. Twelve South BookBook

The BookBook helps the MacBook live up to its name. It’s made of real leather and aged to look like an old tome. There are models for MacBooks of all sizes.

MacBook Cases


3. Thule Gauntlet 3.0 MacBook Pro Sleeve

If your 13-inch MacBook Pro goes through the wringer, put it in the Thule Gauntlet. A padded interior keeps your computer cushioned in case of falls.


4. TopCase Rubberized Hard Case Cover

This TopCase cover gives the 13-inch MacBook Air a dreamy look, but is super practical since it keeps it safe from drops and scratches.

MacBook Cases


5. MacBook Cases Snap Jacket

The Snap Jacket is one very cool case. It fits the MacBook like a glove and acts like a kind of riser that slightly tilts the screen toward you when the laptop is open.

But when closed, it protects the MacBook from every side. The edges are made from a hardshell plastic while the rest is a foam-like material.

MacBook Cases

One thing though: It’ll block Apple’s USB-C hub attachment if you’re using that, but it’s just fine with a dongle.

The Snap Jacket is available from Incase’s website and includes standard shipping and a 1-year warranty.


6. UAG Plasma

With the UAG Plasma, you’ll look ready to take your MacBook into a combat zone.

This ultra-rugged case from UAG guarantees military-grade drop protection, and it just feels and looks darn tough.

MacBook Cases

Our favorite part about the Plasma is the rubber hinge at the back of the case that holds its two pieces together.

This also works as a great textured grip to hold your MacBook while you’re walking around.

The Plasma is available from UAG’s website and includes two-day shipping in the US. UAG also provides a 1-year warranty with this case.


7. MacBook Cases Casetify

Casetify has a wide range of art prints and is constantly adding more. Its clear, lightweight case snuggly snaps on the MacBook, while offering some drop and scratch protection.

But where Casetify excels is the seemingly neverending designs you can choose from—so you’re bound to find something you like.

Casetify offers free shipping worldwide on orders $35 and up. The MacBook case also comes in a classy white box with a linen bag.


8. Vectros Bumper

Thule’s Vectros case is both sturdy and flexible. You can easily see how its two-layer bumper has ridges for shock absorption.

It’s been 1-meter drop-tested, so you can count on it to protect your MacBook from drops slightly above 3 feet.

But the coolest parts of the case might be its “scratch shields,” which protect the front and back surfaces of your device.

The ruber bumpers also make for a great grip. The Thule Vectros is available from Amazon with free shipping.

MacBook Cases



9. MacBook Cases iGlaze

Moshi’s iGlaze is an incredibly thin and light two-piece snap-on case available for all of Apple’s MacBooks.

Despite being so thin and light, it easily protects from scratches and offers extra shielding for the unfortunate drop.

It snaps on very easily thanks to its micro-clips, which also make it a breeze to remove for cleaning. And it really feels glaze-y to the touch because of its smooth surface.

Moshi provides a 1-year limited warranty and includes 5 to 7 business day shipping in the United States.


10. Speck PixelSleeve

The PixelSleeve is available for both the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air models and comes in black, blue, teal, and purple colors.

Our review unit was the 13-inch black model. Its neoprene exterior layer sported a textured pixel-pattern design, making for a sleeve that looks great while providing a nice grip when carried.

In contrast, the soft micro-fleece material lining the PixelSleeve’s interior is abundantly cushy, which helps keep your MacBook Air scratch-free.


11. MacBook Cases Pluma Sleeve

Moshi’s Pluma sleeve may look simple and unassuming, but it’s packed with all the essentials you need in a MacBook sleeve.

The sleeve is specially designed for the MacBook’s form, which is obvious when it zips up snugly. The case is made from three core materials: water-resistant polyester, neoprene, and spandex.

The spandex and neoprene mix is slightly stretchy, offering shock absorption and some added durability. (It also just feels nice.)

And we absolutely love how the zipper puller can be locked into place to prevent it from dangling. Sadly, this case is only available for the MacBook Pro 13-inch and other generic 13-inch laptops.

MacBook Cases


12. MacBook Cases Leather Sleeve

This leather and felt case from Mujjo oozes modern executive realness. The felt provides a textured grip when in hand, or you can hold it by the leather flap at the top. It’s roomy, too.

The sleeve has two compartments: One for the MacBook and another capable of holding an iPad at the same time.

Our only complaint is that the case could benefit from a magnetic clasp instead of its ringlet button.

The case is available from Amazon in both a 13-inch and 15-inch version, with shipping included in the United States.

MacBook Cases


Frequently Asked Questions

QUES: Can The Sleeves be engraved?

ANS: The Sleeve Cannot be engraved

QUES: Is this sleeve suitable for the new MacBook Air (2020) with 13,3 inch screen?

ANS: Yes – this is compatible with MacBook Air 2020 models.