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Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Bookshelf Speakers 2021 Full Review

Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Bookshelf Speakers 2021 Full Review.

Monitor Audio Bronze 2 – If these new Bronze 2s give you a strong sense of déjà vu, that’s exactly what Monitor Audio intended.

Seeing no reason to mess with a successful formula, instead, it has chosen the door marked ‘evolution’ and introduced a whole raft of engineering changes, making these arguably the most complete Bronze stand mounters yet.

Monitor Audio Bronze 2

Introduced back in 2000, the original Bronze series was the entry point into Monitor Audio’s range.

Five generations on, it remains at the core of the company’s product output, with the ‘2’ stand mounter, in particular, a cornerstone of the brand.

The Description of Monitor Audio Bronze 2

Building on the strength of its award-winning predecessor the BX2, the new Bronze Two retains a clean and neutral tonal balance.

With an efficient design, the Bronze Two is sensitive enough for most amplifiers to drive with ease but there are buckets of power handling, providing effortless dynamic scale.

With a large 6 1/2″ ceramic coated aluminum woofer and front-firing HiVe, II port the Bronze Two is able to deliver incredible bass for a stand-mount speaker and the entire performance has a remarkable level of detail and presence.

Whether you seek well-executed cinema audio or dramatic musical exploits the Bronze Two offers vibrancy and excitement to sound which will leave you captivated.

The new Bronze range has drawn on technologies found in Silver and Gold ranges to produce a design that significantly lowers distortion and offers exceptional value for money.

The bass drivers use a new “dished” cone which results in not only a cleaner look for the Bronze range but also serves to retain incredible detail when combined with other changes such as the thermally coupled voice coil which aids optimal operation at all volume levels.

There’s also a newly developed tweeter that redirects airflow to a rear-loading chamber to prevent compressed air behind the dome and thus reducing resonance and distortion.

Further improving performance is Monitor Audios “bolt-through” driver mounting system which has been adopted on almost all ranges.

Alongside the audible improvements provided by the system which reduces unwanted resonances from the driver as well as further bracing the cabinet structure it also results in a very aesthetically pleasing result, with the front baffle featuring no driver bolts whatsoever.

On top of this invisible magnetic grille fixings and a beautiful trim around the drivers and front ports all combine to give the Bronze a certain streamlined elegance and premium look.

Monitor Audio Bronze 2


Being the Best Bronze So Far!It’s fair to say that the previous, multi-award-winning, ranges of Monitor Audio Bronze speakers have usually topped their class.

Thanks to new drive units and the same attention to cabinet and crossover design, the latest Bronze range is the best yet. Take a listen and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Sound Quality of Monitor Audio Bronze 2

The latest Bronze range comes with new C-CAM gold dome tweeters. These give the ideal balance between detail and smoothness.

Upper frequencies stay clear and uncongested – even at high volume levels where inferior designs begin to distort. Despite being a stand-mount speaker, the Bronze 2 packs a dynamic punch.

The new C-CAM woofer is larger than the one fitted to the Bronze 1 and it’s a difference you can hear – especially with bass-rich music.

Match it up to a good quality amp and you can expect an effortless sound with the talent to make all types of music sound ‘real’.

Monitor Audio Bronze 2

The Ideal Speakers of Bronze 2

The Bronze 2 is very much the all-rounder of the Bronze range and perfect for use in stereo systems in small to medium-sized rooms.

Use them with a subwoofer and they also make very impressive speakers for home cinema in larger rooms.

These are the first speakers in the Bronze range to offer bi-wiring, making them the perfect match for higher-end hi-fi systems and AV receivers that offer the option of bi-amping.

Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Stylish Design

Using high-quality MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) cabinets with extensive bracing, the Bronzes are not just solidly built, they offer very low cabinet coloration for low distortion, too.

The beauty within is wrapped in a choice of premium quality vinyl veneers. Choose between black, white, or walnut for the best match with your decor.

Powerful-sounding but still domestic friendly, the Monitor Audio Bronze 2 remains amongst the best all-rounders in their class.

For their size, these speakers dig deep in the bass; they’re tonally balanced and impressively detailed too. Add fine build and Monitor Audio’s usual high standard of finish and there’s much to applaud here.

Previous generations of Bronze 2s were class leaders. As it turns out, this one is too.

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