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Best Gaming Monitor for Xbox Series X You can buy at an Affordable Price

Finding the best monitor for Xbox Series X can be a little tricky with all the information out there, and the vast selection of gaming monitors available. If you’re looking to up your Xbox game with one of the best monitors for Xbox Series X (or the Xbox Series S) consoles, we’re here to help. On this page, we’ve listed the best monitors that work brilliantly with Microsoft’s latest and greatest consoles.

Monitor for Xbox Series X

You may think that you need a TV to make the most out of the Xbox Series X, but it actually works brilliantly with monitors as well.

The monitors on this page offer up to 4K resolutions, along with HDR (High Dynamic Range) support and VRR (variable refresh rates), which ensure that playing Xbox games is fast, smooth, and responsive.

Using a monitor instead of a TV with the Xbox Series X brings a number of benefits. You’re often getting better image quality than TVs of the same price, and you have a better choice of sizes as well.

For example, it’s pretty much impossible to find a 4K TV below 32-inches, but you can choose from one of the best 4K monitors, and that’s great for people who don’t have the space for a huge TV.

The Best Monitors for Xbox Series X

1. LG 27GN950-B

The LG 27GN950-B is the best Xbox Series X monitor with a 4k resolution we’ve tested.

Its 27 inch screen feels incredibly immersive, and images remain razor-sharp even if you sit up close due to its high pixel density.

It’s better-suited for a moderate to well-lit room because it gets bright enough to overcome glare, but its low contrast ratio makes blacks appear grayish in the dark.

It has wide viewing angles so that you don’t lose image accuracy when viewing from the side, great for playing co-op games.

Although it has a maximum refresh rate of 160Hz, you’re still limited to 60Hz when connected to the Xbox Series X due to the lack of HDMI 2.1 ports.

That said, the response time at 60Hz is amazing, and it has VRR support to minimize screen tearing.

It delivers a pretty decent HDR experience thanks to its wide color gamut and high peak brightness, but unfortunately, its edge-lit local dimming can be quite distracting.

The stand allows for height and tilt adjustment and can also pivot to portrait mode. However, it can’t swivel at all.

It has two USB 3.0 ports that you can use for charging or data and a Picture-in-Picture mode that lets you display two input signals simultaneously.

So, although the lack of an HDMI 2.1 port might be disappointing for some, this is still a great gaming monitor that most people should be happy with.


2. Acer Nitro XV273 

The Acer Nitro XV273 is the only primary IPS screen with an integrated rate of 240 Hz which makes it a best monitor for Xbox Series X, but a response time of 0.1 mm in pairs.

This screen blends your games well with the Xbox Series X. The Nitro XV273 and Xbox Series X Comfort accelerate and limit slacking and stacking.

Screen freezing and display support the HDR400, however, freezing sync is not guaranteed for the Premium Pro.

The Nitro XV273 features a straight form plan with no LED lighting or an unusually molded casing. The basic features of the Nitro XV273 are super dynamite bezel and excellent performance.

This position is completely ergonomic and emphasizes changes in tilt, turn, rotation and height.

The diesel Nitro XV273 runs on an IPS board with full HD PP material. Due to the IPS board, the screen offers a wide range of survey points and unparalleled image quality.

The display is HDL400 with 1080 pixels-goal, which gives diesel-related contrast and high resolution.

Diesel meets many highlights to keep your attention about exceptional use. Glint Free Innovation Channels Destructive blue light to prevent eye damage from stress.

The screen guarantees that you can spend more time reviewing perceptions.

Nitro XV 273 with freezing 48-240 Hz VRR represents a fast 240 Hz integrate rate. Stimulate the Xbox Series X at 120Hz as much as possible and get a smooth and liquid interaction on this freezing screen.

Wipe motion blur and demons with super-fast response times up to 0.1 mm. Regardless of the intermittent or activity-filled scenes, you will never get an irritating or haunting feeling.


3. BENQ EL2870U

Cost plan 4K screen with quick response time and HDR400. If you want to play 4K60 fps games on your Xbox Series X, the BenQ EL2870U has an incredible screen.

Freezink describes the time, money and rates outside the local excitation rate of the sensitive gaming l screen you respond to.

Monitor for Xbox Series X

Replacing the exceptional 4K Target and HDR TN board, it is not ideal for displaying accurate colors.

One of the powerful highlights of the Xbox Series X is the inverse comparison to end age support.

One may be confused with the current confusion they have used in different consoles, for example, the Xbox One S.

With this, many people will be able to play the upgraded 4K games again for this new feature and this BenQ 4K screen stands out among the other alternative costs to provide the ideal experience.

The BenQ EL2870U highlights clear design with minimal aeronautics. Bezel can detect a handful of people who use borderless screens.

BenQ figured out how to fix the four mounting gaps for Vesa mounts and stands. Overall, this is a heartfelt design that focuses on Modi.

The true intensity of the BenQ EL2870U is evident in its appearance. Screen with exceptional 4K target on TN board.

This is not the best board for shading evaluation work, yet due to the 3840 × 2160 pixel-goal, the visuals are sharp and dynamic.

The BenQ EL2870U screen is very fast with 1ms response time and is one of the best monitor for Xbox Series X.

The screen ensures practically no change even in complex motion-pressed scenes and interactive movements.

Integrate with the amazing chip in the Xbox Series X to take consistent games and outperform your rivals.



4. Samsung Odyssey G7

The Samsung Odyssey G7 is the best gaming monitor for Xbox Series X that we’ve tested. It’s a versatile option with excellent gaming performance, one of the best we’ve tested.

It has a high native 240Hz refresh rate, and you can reach 144Hz over HDMI when connected to the Xbox. It has an aggressively curved screen, and there’s even some RGB lighting on the back panel.

It has features most gamers are looking for, such FreeSync support.

Monitor for Xbox Series X

It has an incredibly quick response time that remains fast when gaming at 60Hz, and it also has a Black Frame Feature that flickers at an incredibly wide range, helping the appearance of motion.

Input lag is incredibly low, and even though it only slightly increases with VRR enabled, most people shouldn’t notice it.

It’s a great choice for dark room gaming because its VA panel has great native contrast and okay black uniformity.

There’s an edge-lit local dimming feature, but it performs terribly and can get quite distracting.

Sadly, it has narrow viewing angles, so the image looks washed out when viewing from the side, and it’s not suggested for a wide seating arrangement.

It has okay ergonomics as you can even rotate it into portrait mode, but it has a narrow swivel range.

On the plus side, it’s good for HDR gaming as it displays a wide color gamut and has acceptable HDR peak brightness, enough to make some highlights stand out.

Overall, this is the best monitor for Xbox Series X if you want a 1440p resolution.


5. Dell S2721QS

With 4K adoption steadily rising, we have new affordable options on the market, including the S2721QS as our best budget pick for Xbox Series X.

This monitor comes below $400, with its 4K IPS panel delivering sharpness and performance without hurting the wallet.

Monitor for Xbox Series X

It still has all the fundamentals of a great 4K monitor, scaling back on surplus features to achieve an entry-level price.

That makes this our best budget option, delivering Xbox Series X or your Excel spreadsheets’ full clarity.

This 27-inch panel exceeds expectations at this price, with consistently strong presentation across all types of content.

It has a clear image with vivid colors, framed with thin borders that look striking at this price.

The panel also means wide viewing angles, with an anti-reflective coating, making this incredibly adaptable to your desk setup.


Frequently Asked Questions

QUES: Can I stream games from my new Xbox Series X|S?

ANS: You definitely can. Xbox Series X|S supports remote play with the Xbox app, which is currently available on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

QUES: Which HDMI cable comes with the Xbox Series X|S?

ANS: A 2-meter (6.56 feet) HDMI 2.1 cable is included with all new purchases of the Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series S comes with a HDMI 2.0 cable of the same length.

QUES: Can I use optical audio devices on Xbox Series X|S?

ANS: Some gaming headsets that utilize an optical cable may require a firmware update to support game and chat audio over USB on Xbox Series X|S.

Soundbars and headsets that don’t receive updates may be connected directly to your display’s optical port.

Any officially licensed Xbox One accessory that connects to your console wired or wirelessly via USB works on Xbox Series X|S.

Additionally, any headsets that connect via your Xbox Wireless Controller’s 3.5mm port are also supported.