Moultrie Mobile MV2 Cellular Field Modem Latest Updated 2021 Review

Moultrie Mobile MV2 Cellular Field Modem Latest Updated 2021 Review

The Moultrie Mobile MV2 Cellular Field Modem turns your Moultrie Camera into a wireless game camera. Get images sent directly to your smartphone, computer or tablet


With the Moultrie MV2 Cellular Field Modem, there’s no need to visit your trail camera and pull the memory card.

Instead, you can have images sent straight to your smartphone or tablet over the Verizon 4G network—immediately, daily, or twice a day—or see and manage them at the Moultrie Mobile website from any computer.

The modem provides wireless functionality to most Moultrie cameras made since 2015. Simply mount it near your camera, connect the two units with the USB cord, activate your account, and enjoy wireless connectivity.

Monthly charges apply, but there is no activation or cancellation fee.

Features and Benefits

  • USB cord allows easy connectivity
  • Moultrie Mobile app sends text and e-mail notifications when new footage is uploaded
  • Internal antenna
  • Images are sent to the downloadable Moultrie Mobile app on your device via the Verizon 4G network (prepaid data plan applies)

Setting Up the Mobile

After receiving my device the first thing I did was I read the manual. I can’t stress this enough. There are things you HAVE to do for your camera and mobile device to work together.

Pay attention to this or you will be frustrated. It’s relatively easy and it worked on the first try.

Now, it’s important to set up your mobile unit and camera at home first. Don’t do this in the field. After everything is working and transmitting, move it to the field.

Step One 

make sure your Moultrie camera is compatible with Moultrie Mobile. makes this very simple. Basically, if your Moultrie Camera was a 2015 or later model it should work.

Step Two

This is the only part you might find confusing. You will likely need to update your camera’s firmware

This is an important step and it’s pretty easy. Go to the page where the compatible cameras are listed and click on your particular model.

Then download the firmware update file onto an SD Card. Put the SD card into your camera and navigate to the menu item called update firmware. You will only have to do this once, but it is necessary.

Step Three 

Create an account on and activate your device. This step is easy. On the back of the camera you will see two numbers, a Serial Number, and an ID Number.

Enter them both on the activation page. After activation, you choose a data plan and enter your Credit Card number for monthly billing.

Photo Delivery

The first thing to understand is that photos are uploaded to your account. They are not sent to your phone or email. There are three options for Photo delivery:

Immediate, which means that a photo is sent instantly to your account as soon as it’s been taken. There are two other options that include one batch per day or two batches per day.

Every time photos are uploaded to your account you will get an alert. You can choose email alerts, text alerts, or both.

If you have your camera upload set to Immediate, and choose SMS notification – you will be getting texts all day and all night as photos are taken. This may be distracting for many people.

Once you receive a notification you simple go to the Moultrie Mobile APP and view the photo. It’s extremely simple and easy to use, but it requires a cellular connection.

The Battery

The Moultrie Mobile MV2 Cellular Field Modem and its internal antennas are powered with the support of eight AA batteries.

Eight is actually the minimum configuration, it can hold a full dozen. Depending on the camera you’re using, you may need that many.

The MV2 gets far better performance from lithium batteries, but alkaline batteries will work just fine.

How long can you expect those batteries to last? It heavily depends on how you end up using the Moultrie Mobile MV2 Cellular Field Modem.

You can make batteries last longer by changing the transmit frequency setting between once per day, twice per day, or immediate.

And you can squeeze out more battery life by using a high performance SD card, or keeping the firmware of your cameras up-to-date.

Application Features

Basically there’s a battery compartment, a battery meter and there’s a cell coverage indicator. There is nothing else, not even an On-Off switch.

When I first heard about Moultrie Mobile I figured it was just going to get a text or email notifying me about a new photo.

After setting this up and using it for a few days I learned that the capabilities go far beyond that.

While getting a photo remote is definitely the most compelling feature for Moultrie Mobile, I had expected that. What I did not expect was the ability to control my remote camera.

What’s More?

Moultrie Mobile App

Works on free Moultrie Mobile app for iPhone and Android. Simply download the free app and start receiving images from the field right on your smartphone or tablet.

The Moultrie Mobile app is loaded with user-friendly features that make managing your trail camera images a breeze. Control your data plan, payment method and cameras all from one easy-to-use app.

Internal Antenna

Features an internal antenna. The MV2’s internal antenna stays out of the way for easy transport and storage. An internal antenna is also protected from animals chewing on it.

The new internal antenna gets great reception, too.

Uses 8 AA Batteries

Runs on 8 AA batteries. The MV2 runs on the same amount of batteries as most Moultrie cameras.

The MV2 is also compatible with the 12v Solar Panel and the Camera Battery Box. Both of these items will greatly extend battery life in the field.

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