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Moxie Showerhead Wireless Speaker Experience and Installation Guide

If you like to listen to tunes in the morning, then moxie Kohler has just the over-the-top product for you: a portable smart speaker with built-in Alexa that slots right into your showerhead. That means you can ask Alexa to cue up your favorite playlist, find the latest news, or order more shampoo, all without leaving the comfort of your shower.

Moxie Showerhead Speaker

In fact, why not just stay there for the rest of the day? It’s cold outside, and you’ll only have to work if you leave the house. “Alexa, drown out the outside world please.”

Just voice the song you want to listen to in the shower, and Alexa listens

the Kohler Moxie, promises to take things to a whole new level by combining hot bath-time with a shower head that can play music through a wireless speaker. Will it meet your expectations?

Moxie Showerhead Speaker Description

Combining a luxurious spray and a high-quality speaker powered by harman kardon, the moxie showerhead turns any shower into an immersive sensory experience.

Moxie Showerhead Speaker

Easily gear up or wind down with the perfect soundtrack or your favorite podcast.

Both versions of moxie are enabled with Bluetooth technology, allowing the speaker to quickly and easily pair with your phone, and the amazon Alexa-enabled version gives you the ability to control moxie with your voice.

Plus, the speaker easily removes, so you can bring it wherever you want to go — the beach, a picnic, or just lounging in your backyard.

Surround yourself with sound for a new kind of Kohler showering experience.

Enjoy up to 7 hours of music, news, and more after pairing wirelessly with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Design and Setup Kohler Moxiekohle

Kohler is well-known for making quality showerheads, so it should come as no surprise that the Moxie is well-designed and attractive.

It measures 4.18 by 5 inches (HW), and comes in either a white or polished chrome finish.

The spray face is made of white, soft silicone. It’s a simple design that should look good in most showers.

Moxie Showerhead Speaker

The Moxie is a single-function showerhead, which means it only has one spray setting, and comes in either 2.0 or 2.5 gpm models.

You can’t buy the showerhead alone, but a similar showerhead from Kohler will cost you around $75. I’m not sure why you’d buy the speaker alone, but if you’re inclined, it costs $129.

Installing Your Shower

As long as you have a key, you can install the Kohler showerhead itself in a matter of minutes.

You will find written instructions in the box, but you basically just need to apply some of the included plumber’s tape and then screw the showerhead onto your faucet after removing the showerhead. have in place.

Written instructions and the Kohler Ko applications walk you through setting up the speakerphone and activating Alexa.

I wish the app included a little more help. If you need to troubleshoot the connection, the app links to a PDF of these written instructions instead of solving the problem with you.

Charging Your Smart Shower

Once it’s set up, you can turn on your Moxie and issue any number of voice commands. Alexa offers a robust set of features at this point and the Moxie’s mics will reliably hear your commands.

You can listen to music, ask questions, check your calendar, control your smart home, and more, all with your voice.

The speaker itself has buttons to control the volume, mute the mic, and turn it on or off. Kohler claims the battery is good for up to 9 hours of reading time.

It seems accurate after anecdotal testing. You can turn it on with a press when you wake up in the morning, then leave it on after you finish your morning routine.



  • Waterproof and usable outside of the bath
  • Rainfall effect with 60 jets pulsing at 2.5 GPM
Moxie Showerhead Speaker
  • Rechargeable
  • Easily connects to any device
  • Completely wireless
  • Easy to clean


  • Device may disconnect randomly
  • Pairing needed with each use
  • Volume controlled by the music player

The battery-powered smart speaker is good and the shower itself is competent, so if you like the idea of a smart shower that can add music to your morning routine

I recommend the showerhead Kohler Moxie, especially if you can find a good deal.