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Nanit Smart Baby Monitor System 2020 Detailed Review

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor System 2020 Detailed Review.

If you are looking for the perfect baby monitoring system, then you should try out the Nanit Smart Baby Monitor. In this article, we have made available for you a perfect review of the Nanit Smart Baby Monitor system.

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor System 2020 Detailed Review

In our much earlier age, our parents had little or no options for the baby monitoring system. They were usually constructed of cheap plastic that would crack under the slightest pressure.

Consumer electronic companies are finally starting to wise up to the true needs of new moms and dads. Parents want a reliable monitoring system that utilizes modern technology to keep their children safe.

About Nanit Smart Baby Monitor System

The Nanit smart baby monitor system is the next technological leap in youth surveillance. Smart technologies are taking our homes by storm. We have smart home security cameras, so why not smart baby monitoring?

The Nanit combines HD video, a built-in nightlight and smart environmental sensors to ensure your child is secure and comfortable. As new parents, we were thankful to have the chance to review the Nanit over the last few months.

We used the device as out primary baby monitoring system, so we were able to become very familiar with its capabilities. Here is our honest review of the Nanit sleep security system.


  • The Nanit Stand: No Painful set-up. No exposed cords. Nanit’s 5.5′ stand rests against the wall behind your crib, giving you an amazing overhead view of the baby.
  • Soft Glow Night Light: Find pacifiers and Lovie’s in a snap without waking baby with a diffused, ceiling-directed LED nightlight with gradual dimming technology
  • Best view of baby day and night: See and hear your baby 24/7 with HD live streaming, unparalleled night vision, and zoom to get in close. Plus, Nanit works over Wi-Fi, even when the internet is down.
  • Smart notifications: Nanit tracks sound and motion to keep you abreast of changes in the nursery. Temperature and humidity sensors monitor the environment, ensuring your baby is comfortable.

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Nanit Smart Baby Monitor System Design and Specs

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor System Design and Specs

Unlike many popular smart monitors, the Nanit Plus works without any electronic wearables. Instead, the app’s breathing monitoring system uses patterned clothing, and the camera looks for that pattern to measure small, pixel-level movements as the baby’s chest rises and falls.

Besides avoiding the inconvenience of having to recharge a wearable monitor, there’s limited research as to the safety of placing a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth emitting device directly on a baby, and some are even labeled as choking hazards. The Nanit offers an alternative that still includes some of the same features.

The Nanit Plus’s HD camera needs to be mounted over the crib for the sleep tracking to work, with either a wall attachment or floor stand.

The floor stand is sturdy and includes a tube to keep the cord away from the crib, but older babies may be able to shake the camera a bit. The wall mount is a more secure and affordable option if you don’t mind attaching something to the wall.

The camera has good picture quality, including clear night vision, with a 130-degree lens that captures the entire crib plus a bit more.

Audio is also solid, offering enough range that you can turn it down far enough to not hear white noise but still hear cries. Both audio and picture quality may vary slightly based on the device you’re using and your internet speed — I tested it using an iPhone 7 and 7 Mbps download speed.


The Nanit sleep system ships with a wall-mount and a “multi stand.” The company also sells a floor stand separately if you prefer to have your crib located away from the wall. The multi stand is a great accessory because it allows the Nannit to become portable.

You can detach the camera from the wall mount and carry it with you to grandma’s house or wherever your baby is sleeping that night. Since we chose the wall-mounted option, the installation process was a little more complicated than a walkie-style tabletop monitor.

The good news is that Nanit provides great, easy-to-follow instructions, so the process was easy enough. The mounting hardware includes a cable management system, which completely houses all the power cabling.

Cable covering should calm the nerves of any parent who fears that their toddler would be strangled by wiring. The mounting is built securely and ensures safety. The camera has no dangling or moving parts, and the construction is engineered to eliminate any safety hazards.


One of our favorite features of the Nanit is how it handles Wi-Fi outages. When we are relying on a device to ensure our child’s safety, we don’t want to have to worry about connectivity issues causing any lapses in our monitoring.

When the Nanit loses internet connection, the device automatically stops cloud recording and uses your router to stream video directly to your phone. If your router is running, you’ll have access to the video stream, even if your Internet is down or acting spotty.

The internet-free feature made us confident enough to even use Nanit overnight. During our review we didn’t experience any network interruptions that were caused by the Nanit itself. We did have a brief network outage, which allowed us to out the system’s router streaming system.

We were a little skeptical of how effective the system would actually be, but thankfully our skepticism was unfounded. The HD picture was just as clear as the cloud streaming option.

Smartphone Connectivity

Smartphone Connectivity

The Nanit doesn’t ship with a designated receiver like many traditional monitors once did. Instead, the device uses your smartphone as the receiver. Once you download the Nanit app, the sleep system wirelessly connects to your smartphone through your Wi-Fi connection.

The app also allows you to outline your crib, which aids the software in producing accurate activity reports, which we will discuss in a separate section a little later.

Bottom Line

The Nanit Plus Complete Monitoring system is one of the most expensive baby monitors on the market, but it is also one of the most sophisticated.

That said, it is missing some of the features you’ll find in lesser systems. There’s no means of playing music. For example—although it can play nature sounds, and Nanit is exploring the feasibility of adding lullabies to the system.