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Netgear Nighthawk A7000 (AC1900) WiFi USB Adapter 2021 Latest Updated Review

Netgear Nighthawk A7000 (AC1900) WiFi USB Adapter 2021 Latest Updated Review.

The Netgear Nighthawk A7000 is a hefty Wi-Fi adapter that provides solid speeds, allowing you to stream crisp, clear videos and smoothly play online games. It’s worth every penny despite its steep price

Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi USB 3.0 adapter wirelessly connects your laptop or desktop computer to the next-gen 802.11ac technology with WiFi speeds up to 1.9Gbps.

Stronger coverage with high gain antennas.

Connect the adapter to a USB 3.0 port for fast and efficient data transfer, online lag-free gaming, and HD streaming, at home or on the go.

Compatible with next-generation WiFi devices and compatible with 802.11ac/n and all legacy WiFi devices.

Compatible with Windows and MAC OS.

Works with any WiFi router.

Compatible with Most Operating Systems

A7000 keeps you connected whether your device runs Mac OS or Windows. This Nighthawk USB WiFi adapter is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7,8,10, (32/64-bit), Mac OS X 10.8.3 or later.

Netgear Nighthawk A7000

Four high-gain internal antennas and explicit Beamforming boosts speed, reliability, and range of WiFi connections.

Just connect the Nighthawk USB adapter to your computer and use NETGEAR genie software to connect to a wireless network, or with the push of a button connect to your router’s WiFi network with WPS.

Works with any router 

Now, your laptop and desktop can connect to your WiFi network at the fastest available speeds! Experience faster wireless connectivity with speeds up to 1.9Gbps, in your home office or in your backyard.

The AC1900 WiFi USB Adapter easily handles the ultra-fast internet speeds so you can enjoy faster HD video streaming and online gaming.

With a 3×4 MIMO design, you get more bandwidth capacity when downloading and uploading data to and from the wireless network.

Experience WiFi speeds up to 300% faster than the previous N900 adapter.

Flexible Form Factor with Magnetic Cradle

Magnetic cradle with USB 3.0 cable (included) provides an option for flexible placement. Easy mount on a metal surface around the laptop or computer.

Netgear Nighthawk A7000

The compact and foldable form factor is perfect on-the-go. Stay connected to WiFi at all times whether you are at a friend’s house or in a crowded coffee shop when in the proximity of a WiFi hotspot or within range of a wireless network.

Netgear  genie App

Easily monitor, connect, and control your home network from a tablet or smartphone. With NETGEAR genie you can share and stream music or videos, diagnose and repair network issues, set up parental controls and more.

Nighthawk Ac1900 Wifi USB Adapter

Ultimate speed and performance

Upgrade your legacy laptop or desktop to ultimate range and performance to the faster 802.11ac WiFi speeds.

Simply plug into a USB port on the computer to enjoy fast, efficient data transfer, online lag-free gaming, and HD streaming.


Netgear Nighthawk A7000

  • Works with any WiFi router.
  • Extreme WiFi speed with AC1900
  • Faster access with USB 3.0
  • Improved HD video streaming, online gaming, network speeds, and more
  • Dual-band WiFi for faster connections to more WiFi networks
  • Explicit Beamforming+ boosts speed, range, and reliability
  • Magnetic cradle for flexible placement

Netgear Nighthawk A7000 vs. Asus USB-AC68 Wi-Fi Adapter

For those looking into gamer-friendly Wi-Fi adapters, you could also look at the Asus USB-AC68 Wi-Fi Adapter.

While it’s definitely more pricey at around $86, you can sometimes get it for cheaper off of Amazon, though only by about $5-10.

One thing you must take into account when deciding between the two is compatibility.

When tested on a 2014 all-in-one PC, the Asus adapter nearly broke the system twice.

Thankfully, the Nighthawk fared better, connecting with ease.

The Nighthawk will definitely be the better choice for older PCs, but whatever you do, don’t get the Asus on an older machine.

If speed is more your priority, even then, the Nighthawk outshines the Asus USB-AC68.

Performance: A real treat from Netgear

Long-range testing seemed to be the way to go first, especially since hauling a desktop around the house sounded like a pain. So popping over to Google, I ran the speed test.

Netgear Nighthawk A7000

My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when the test came back with 92.4Mbps on a 2.4GHz network—the fastest Wi-Fi speed my computer had ever registered so far from the basement router.

Considering three floors separate the router from the PC, this was a very pleasant surprise.

Testing co-op gameplay on 7 Days to Die also proved its reliability. There was absolutely zero rubber-banding or lag.

In online gaming, any kind of lag can mean life or death, and the Netgear ensured if I died in-game, it would be operator error, not because of a poor connection.