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Nokia 520 Hard Reset Technique for All Android Users

Nokia 520 Hard Reset Technique for All Android Users.

Resetting your Nokia 520 Windows device is useful in the event you want to sell or give away your phone and wipe all your personal data, or when you want to correct any ongoing software problems. With the help of this article, you will be able to do that effectively.

How Do I Carry Out Nokia 520 Hard Reset.

You can either reset your Nokia smartphone through your settings menu or by pressing a combination of hardware buttons.

This is a guide for How to Hard reset your Nokia Lumia 520 mobile phone. First of all, you should never hard reset your mobile phone unless you absolutely have to.

Nokia 520 Hard Reset Guidelines/Caution

If you forgot your Screen Password lock, if you want to erase your personal data, if you have a problem with applications, you can perform a Hard reset.

Resetting your phone will erase all content stored on your phone, including apps and games (along with app data and game progress), text messages, call history, music, photos, and more.

Resetting your Nokia 520 will return it to the state it was in the first time you turned it on. All of your personal content will be erased, and the phone will be restored to its factory settings.

– How to Soft Reset or Restart Nokia Lumia 520?

There are two choices when our Nokia Lumia 520 gets problem and the phone become hang or frozen. How to force shutdown or soft reset or restart Nokia Lumia 520?

The very easy way to do it is to remove the battery from Nokia Lumia 520 after opening the back case. Wait about 5 seconds and we can put the battery again in the right positions.

After that, we can turn it on again by pressing the power button.

The second way to force soft reset when nothing can be touch in the LCD touch screen is to press and hold POWER BUTTON for several second, if you see ‘slide down to the power of’, do slide the phone then it will turn off.

We need to press the Power button again to turn on Nokia Lumia 520

– How to Master Reset Nokia Lumia 520 to Factory Default?

Nokia Lumia 520 uses Microsoft Windows Phone 8 as the operating system. With this OS we can do many features in Nokia Lumia 520 also we can add more applications to fit what we need.

But sometimes the Nokia Lumia 520 gets hang or stuck or freezing or brick or not responding when we use to do something.

The other problem is LCD is not responsive while touching the applications or menu. We are recommended to do a soft reset by turning off the Nokia Lumia 520 with the power button to remove the cache or temporary files which can make the Nokia Lumia 520 not run properly.

If the problem still appears, then we can try to do the hard reset with the easy steps below:


– How to Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 520 with Setting Menu:

Please remember to backup your important data before doing the hard reset to factory default, because all data and installed applications will be erased.

  1. Turn on the Nokia Lumia 520
  2. Make sure the battery is fully charged or not empty
  3. Go to menu: Setting > About > Reset Your Phone
  4. The process of formatting the Nokia Lumia 520 will do by itself

– How to Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 520 with Hardware Button Key:

If we can not access the menu or stuck or not responding, then we can try format Nokia Lumia 520 with a hardware key:

Please remember, we have to do THREE BIG STEPS

  1. BIG STEP ONE. Press and hold the Power Button, do not release until the phone vibrate (if you feel the vibrate in Nokia Lumia 520 then release the Power Button)
  2. BIG STEP TWO. Press and hold the Volume Down Button, do not release until the LCD show the exclamation mark (if you see the exclamation mark in LCD, then release the Volume Down Button)
  3. BIG STEP THREE. Once the exclamation mark appears, press the following four buttons in this exact order: Volume up – Volume down – Power – Volume down

That’s all, your phone should now reset and restart itself. This might take several minutes. So please be patient

I hope this article helped you how to reset your phone to factory settings or make Hard Reset Nokia Lumia  520. Please hit the share button, Invite your friends and also click here for more awesome reviews.