Pentax HD 55-300 Lens Review and 2021 Latest Update

Pentax HD 55-300 lens: are you passionate about taking pictures, are you addicted to having your pictures clearer, this article will give you a preview of the Pentax HD 55-300mm camera. This extensive zoom range is complemented by the inclusion of two extra-low dispersion glass elements, which work to minimize chromatic aberrations and enhance the overall image.

Pentax HD 55-300 Lens Review and 2020 Latest Update

What is the Pentax Camera? 

Pentax is known for creating DSLR cameras with exclusive attachments, and has a protection lens filter and its K-mount requirement for use with compatible Pentax cameras are no exception.

This makes intuitive sense, as they can provide more accessories that are specifically designed to be compatible with the types of CMOS sensors used.  

What’s makes the Pentax HD 55-300 Lens Different 

Ranging from portrait-length to super telephoto, this lens employs extra-low dispersion glass in its optical design in order to reduce color fringing and chromatic aberrations throughout the expansive zoom range.

Complementing the optical design is a quick performing Pulse Motor, which delivers smooth, quiet, and exacting autofocus operation to benefit both stills shooting and video recording.

A compact and lightweight form factor, along with a retractable design, also caters to intuitive handling and use while traveling

Whats More

This zoom lens provides focal lengths between 84.5mm and 460mm (in the 35mm format) to cover medium- to super-telephoto ranges.

Thanks to its upgraded AF performance, it assures quiet, high-speed AF operation in still-image shooting, as well as smooth AF tracking operation during movie recording

Its newly designed, high-quality optics provide a minimum focusing distance of 0.95 meters, expanding the range of photographic applications. 

Coupled with its weather-resistant construction, this zoom lens assures outstanding reliability even in demanding shooting conditions. 


Pentax HD 55-300 key Features 

The HD Pentax-DA 55-300mm f/4-5.8 ED WR Lens from Pentax is a portrait-length to a telephoto zoom lens flare that provides a 35mm-equivalent focal range of 84.5-460mm

Its key features
  • Telephoto zoom 55-300mm f/4.5-6.3 lens is designed for APS-C-format Pentax K-mount, where it provides an 84.5-460mm equivalent focal length range. 
  • Extra-low dispersion glass is used in the lens construction in order to minimize chromatic aberrations
  • A high definition coating has been applied to lens elements to minimize flare and ghosting for increased contrast c 
  • It affords quick auto-focusing performance. 
  • Weather-resistant construction features 11 distinct seals about the lens’s body to prevent the intrusion of water

The Pentax Sharpness and Performance 

When we say sharpness, what we are measuring is resolution and the lens does not resolve the finest detail as it is zoomed in towards 300mm.

It is debatable whether the smallest aperture, be it f/22 or f/32 is of much value,

This also ties in with the bokeh, and without a doubt, the quality of the out-of-focus areas is extremely smooth. The effect for portraits and flower studies, for example, is very pleasing 

Sharpness at 55mm is centrally very good from f/4.5 to f/16, becoming soft at f/22. The edges are soft at f/4.5, good at f/5.6.

100mm shows very good central sharpness from f/4.5 through to f/16, with f/22 being quite soft. The edges are very good from f/4.5 to f/11, good at f/16 and soft at f/22. 

Final thoughts 

The HD Pentax-DA 55-300mm f/4.5-6.3 ED  lens has some interesting and useful features. Weather resistance, superb bokeh, good sharpness at most focal lengths, electromagnetic diaphragm, and retractable construction.

Final thoughts

However, the previous version is also as good and also slightly brighter, being f/4-5.8 as opposed to f/4.5-6.3. It is certainly considerably less expensive.

Frequently Asked Question 

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