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Polaroid POP Instant Print Digital Camera 2020 Detailed Review

Polaroid POP Instant Print Digital Camera 2020 Detailed Review.

Polaroid POP Instant Print Digital Camera: Polaroid has taken their brief chance in the spotlight to give the next generation an instant print upgrade. Their POP camera aims to be an ultra-portable powerhouse of photographic technology, but falls short at almost every level, even managing to screw up its most essential feature – its printing technology. 



Capable of capturing 20MP images and full HD 1080p video, the yellow Pop Instant Print Digital Camera from Polaroid combines the fun of instant cameras with the advantages of a digital system.

A 3.97″ touchscreen LCD found in the back is used for previewing and navigation, and images are saved to a user-supplied microSD card as big as 256GB so you can view, transfer, and edit the digital files at any time. 

After editing, you can choose to save or print your pictures.Finally, a built-in speaker and microphone can be used for recording and playback of audio together with 

Build Quality and Form Factor 

For a product that claims to be a new step in the advancement of digital camera technology, the blocky form factor makes taking photos feel pretty awkward. 

Print Quality 

The biggest issue with the Polaroid POP is its biggest selling point – the instant printing feature. It’s been over 30 years since the release of the beloved 80s model, yet the photo print quality has not improved.

The photos’ colors are terribly inaccurate and any artificial light makes the photos take on an air of surreal distortion. 

Touchscreen Display 

The Polaroid POP’s 3.97” touchscreen display quality was lackluster and grainy. The ability to mark up the photos was responsive enough, but the overall experience was disappointing.

Software Integration 

We’re excited to try the POP’s ability to sync with your phone and print out photos from your camera roll. Unfortunately, the Polaroid app for iOS was practically unusable.

The Polaroid POP app promises the ability to print any photo from your smartphone in a matter of seconds. But even when the app wasn’t crashing, we even found it nearly impossible to connect our camera to the app.

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The most impressive feature of the Polaroid POP was its video recording capability. The 1080p quality looked great in comparison to the rest of the features.  

The Competition 

Unfortunately for the Polaroid POP digital camera, the competition is pretty stiff. When compared with the better designed and cheaper Kodak Mini SHOT, the POP stands out like a big ole’ dirty thumb. The Mini SHOT surpassed the POP’s performance in practically every way.



The bottom line is that the Polaroid POP is a barely average, run-of-the-mill digital camera with an awful instant printer and even worse software interplay.

For the price, we found that the POP’s lack of quality was inexcusable, especially when compared with the less expensive Kodak Mini SHOT, which manages to outshine not only the Polaroid POP, but its competitors as well. The Polaroid POP is a pass.