PS5 News, Latest Information, Updates, Release Date, and Prices

PS5 News, Latest Information, Updates, Release Date, and Prices.

PS5 News – It’s finally 2021, but the PS5 isn’t any easier to find in stock. You are a strong gamer, right? I have more information that you will like.

The next 24 hours look like they will be critical for thousands of gamers in finally picking up a PS5, as stock trackers in both the UK and USA are reporting that more PlayStation 5 consoles are about to be made available at retailers.

PS5 News

In the USA we’re hearing that Target and Amazon is about to get a massive drop off of PS5 consoles, while in the UK Argos and John Lewis have already dropped consoles in the early hours of Feb 17 and Feb 18 at a fixed price, and Amazon, AO, EE/BT, and Currys appear to be gearing up for new stock to go live, too.

Curry’s stock is being tipped to land the morning of February 18, so we advise gamers to get to the product page (see below), sign in, and then refresh it consistently.

Latest Information and Update

Fans have been left disappointed once again after the latest restock of PlayStation 5s.

The console went on sale at Game in the UK, exciting those huge numbers of fans who are still trying to find a way to buy the in-demand console.

Though the PlayStation 5 came out in November, they have been almost impossible to buy ever since, due to stock shortages.

If they do appear online, fans are usually left waiting in long queues for what appear to be very small numbers of consoles.

That happened again on Thursday morning, as fans found themselves sat in queues with no real indication of when they would get to the end.

While Game did offer a queue time, it appeared to skip back and forth.

Some said they had sat through the queue, got to the end – and then been forced to go all the way back to the beginning again.

Others reported that it was not even possible to get to that point, as server issues left them unable to load the website properly at all.

Those who had been successful noted that some larger bundles – which include not only games but other add-ons that take the price up, such as money to buy games on the PlayStation Store and subscriptions to PlayStation Plus – appeared to be more readily stocked and that queues for those were not as long.

PS5 restocks are slowly springing back to life, with both the US and the UK receiving small numbers of consoles over the last few days.

Buying the PS5 though varies in different countries, and different platforms, they’re more chances to buy the PS5 from Amazon in the US and UK, though in both regions, the restocks lasted mere minutes on the shelves before being wiped off.

However, recent activity at Amazon gives us hope that February might offer more PS5 restocks after a slow start to the month.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the are rumors of retailers offering the chance to buy the PS5 in the next few days, so keep a close eye on Argos in the near future.

PS5 restocks are still incredibly rare, though, which is why we’re showing you exactly where to buy the new console in both the US and UK.

Keep this page bookmarked, because we’ll be bringing you all the latest updates as soon as they come in, and stay in touch with the retailers below – you never know when you’ll land on more stock.

PS5 News

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PS5 News – Release date, Where to Buy, and Prices

The PS5 has arrived and then disappeared again almost straight away.

Fans are rushing to try and find in-stock PlayStation 5 consoles wherever they can.

But they are few and far between – every retailer that does get stock sells out as soon as they can announce it. (Their website invariably goes down, too, due to the interest.)

A number of websites have already dropped this month with Argos dropping consoles earlier this morning.

Argos restocked the console in the early hours but left customers furious as they were unable to process payments, and some sat with the device in their baskets for HOURS before being unable to buy one.

Here’s the latest on all of the PS5 News, major retailers’ stock, whether they have any consoles, and whether some might be arriving soon.

Amazon – Out of Stock

This was the big hope for release day.

Amazon had suggested they would refresh their stock at noon – when that arrived, the website crashed, and when it came back they were “currently available”.

It’s not clear whether anyone actually managed to buy one during the outage. But either way, there’s none to buy now.

More restocks may be coming through the day, so keep an eye on this page, and our live coverage, don’t forget to refresh too.


Game – Out of Stock, Mostly

At the time of publication, the Game website was showing a host of “pre-orders”, which it said you could buy now and should arrive by 10 December.

It’s offering bundles that include games, accessories, and even T-shirts.

Trying to buy them was fairly tough, however, with customers reporting virtual queues of over an hour.


PS5 News

Curry’s – Out of Stock

More consoles were supposed to come from Curry’s on release day, at 9 am. Then they were delayed, and then they were canceled entirely.

The Company now says that it will send out an update as to when it will have more news about when it will have more stocks to sell.


John Lewis – Out of Stock

Perhaps the most bruised, the whole John Lewis website went down amid hopes of a restock on release day morning. It’s back up now, but without any consoles to offer.


Argos – out of stock

After being upfront about the fact that it would not have any consoles to sell on releasing the date, but that it would update people when it did, Argos has been calm all day, Although they released a statement on Twitter that more are coming, it’s still worth monitoring them.


AO – out of stock

Speaking of transparency, AO says it’s not got any consoles left and it’s not getting any time soon.

Anyone visiting the website sees an error message that sounds like I have written it in the face of a host of upset customers.

“We’re really sorry but unfortunately we don’t have any PlayStation 5 consoles available for order at the moment and we won’t be receiving any stock in the near future,” it says.

BUY NOW – out of stock

After having some stock earlier in the morning, Studio now seems to have run out once again. But they might be refreshed through the day.


So that’s all for PS5 News, and Updates, Be on the lookout for any updates from any of the sites above, Bookmark this page in case of any update.

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