Raycon E50 vs. HELM Audio True Headphones Review 2021 Update

Raycon E50 vs. HELM Audio True Headphones Review 2021 Update.

Raycon E50 vs. HELM Audio True Headphones: Even though it seems like earbuds are pretty simple devices, they actually have to do a dozen different things. They’ve got to provide a nice battery lifespan. Here we will review them to see their features

They’ve got to sound good. They’ve got to have some comfort options to fit different sizes of ears. And with true wireless earbuds, they’ve got to have a solid sync connection between each earbud. 


You might care about calling features. You might care about noise isolation features. The list goes on and on. So picking the right pair of earbuds is really about prioritizing the features that will serve you best.

And it’s actually easy to see that kind of difference when comparing some similar earbuds, like the Raycon E50 vs HELM Audio True Headphones. 

Raycon E50

Raycon E50 

In a bunch of ways, the Raycon E50 looks like a fairly standard pair of entry-level earbuds. For instance, they’re small, they make use of a Bluetooth connection, and they have a battery lifespan that’s pretty close to average for their price point.

However, there’s actually a little more to the E50 than meets the eye. Especially when you start looking at their comfort features. Comfort tends to be a pretty subjective thing, but the E50 can still confidently be called one of the most comfortable pair of earbuds on the market.

That’s because they use a special gel-based design that’s exceptionally good at both noise isolation and fitting nicely in your ear. 

Design & Layout 

Aesthetically speaking, E50 is made in black, blue, white, and gold. In all cases except for the white, a dark black color dominates the outer casing of each style of the earbud.

The blue or gold earbuds really use those colors more like highlights. But the white is nearly entirely white, making it rather unique among the set. 

Worn Comfort 

When it comes to comfort, you’re looking at six types of silicone gel tips. These tips are a bit more ergonomic than ordinary tips because of their gel orientation. The end result is a generally longer-lasting variety of in-ear comfort. 

Battery Lifespan & Audio Quality 

The E50 is designed to use Bluetooth 5, allowing you to connect out around 30ft. That’s a terribly average connection distance, however, using Bluetooth 5 means you do get a number of benefits with respect to the sync between each bud.

That sync remains quite steady, it supports higher quality audio codecs, and it uses less battery power in the process. You’ll also find that after the initial setup process, Bluetooth connections will automatically connect you in the future. 

HELM Audio True Headphones

HELM Audio True Headphones


Even though HELM Audio is a lesser-known brand, they do have a number of decently designed headsets on the market. And since HELM is actually an audio company and not a company that does a thousand different things, they’re able to bring a couple of unique features to the table when creating audio equipment.

In this case, that mostly means you’re looking at fantastic connection distances and generally stronger wireless connectivity. For a lot of people, having 30 feet of connectivity is more than enough. 

Design & Comfort 

Aesthetically, HELM Audio’s earbuds are only available in black. But the black has a pleasant checkered texture to the exterior that gives it a unique professional style. It’s also generally inoffensive and simple looking, and it matches the exterior of their charging case. 

Worn Comfort 

These earbuds include three sizes of tips, small medium, and large. Getting the right size allows you to get better noise isolation, so it’s not only about comfort.

However, even though there are small tips included, these earbuds aren’t perfect for people with smaller ears due to the larger nature of each earbud attached to the ear-tips. 

Battery Lifespan & Audio Quality 

How do these earbuds actually sound? For the most part, fairly good. Unlike a number of similar drivers, these support the full frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz. They’re also capable of becoming quite loud and have a surprisingly thumping range of bass tones.

Though these aren’t high impedance earbuds, and they’re using dynamic audio drivers instead of any special audio driver technologies. Making use of this iteration of Bluetooth, you can expect your higher-resolution audio files to be supported flawlessly as well. 

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The Raycon E50 is for people who are unwilling to take cuts into their battery lifespan. The 25-hour battery estimate is quite respectable.

The E50 is also preferable for people who like the analog control interface of a touch button, while the HELM Audio True Headphones are preferable for people who enjoy voice commands. 

Comparing how these earbuds sound, both end up pretty close to the average for this price range, though the HELM Headphones will be a slightly better choice for people who really love bass. And neither pair of buds have serious sync problems, but only HELM Audio True Headphones have the ability to extend a signal out towards 80ft. 

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