Ricoh WG-60 Waterproof Digital Camera 2020 Latest Updated Review

Ricoh WG-60 Waterproof Digital Camera 2020 Latest Updated Review

The WG-60 Waterproof Digital Camera measures 4.8 x 1.2 x 2.4-inches, which makes it slightly more portable than a smartphone. Including the battery and a memory card, it weighs about 6.8 ounces, which also compares favorably to a smart phone.


The WG-60 is a 16-megapixel camera with 5x optical zoom and a 35mm-equivalent focal length range of 28mm-140mm. It has a 2.6-inch LCD.

We consider this model a waterproof and rugged camera. The WG-60 stores photos and video on SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards and has 68MB of on-board storage.

It captures images as JPEG files at a top resolution of 4608 x 3456 and full HD-resolution video as MOV files at a top resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a frame rate up to 30p.

Whats more

Photo Quality

This 16-megapixel waterproof and rugged camera captured images with merely fair quality. We judged this model very good for outdoor performance, such as shooting landscapes in the daytime; fair for indoor performance, such as photographing a well-lit basketball game in a gym.


The WG-60 captured flash shots that were good. In our distance test, we found the camera’s flash could illuminate subjects very well, both near and far. The flash also has good, relatively even coverage.


This camera includes a 5x zoom lens, a bit more zoom than a standard 3x. The lens also has wide-angle capability that’s useful for landscapes and group portrait

Image Stabilization

This is an important feature; taking hand-held shots at the telephoto end of the zoom range can generally blur or soften images due to the slight movement of your hands.

Shooting telephoto in well-lit scenes, this model did a poor job of minimizing the effects of camera shake.

In low-light settings, it performed well but sometimes produced blurry photos. Overall, the shake reduction results from our tests were poor.


In terms of performance, the Ricoh WG-60 powers up very quickly. It has a very short interval between shots, which can be important when shooting fast-moving or unpredictable subjects.


The Ricoh WG-60 takes good video. It captures full HD video at 1920 x 1080 30p. As for sound, it captures good audio in mono.

Additional Conents

It has a small 2.6-inch LCD, which has good quality that lets you compose your shots and has decent playback of photos and video.

Exceptional image quality

The WG-60 comes equipped with a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, which delivers excellent high-sensitivity and low-noise characteristics and high-speed read-out of image data signals.

Coupled with a high-performance imaging engine, this image sensor delivers a top sensitivity of ISO 6400 and super-high-resolution images with approximately 16.0 effective megapixels.

This model also provides advanced image processing functions, made possible by the latest super-resolution technology for sharp, clear, high-resolution images.

5X optical zoom lens with a 28mm wide-angle coverage

The WG-60 features a high-performance, five-times optical zoom lens with a focal-length coverage from 5mm to 25mm  to accommodate a wide range of scenes and subjects, including landscapes.

It also provides other convenient shooting functions, such as macro mode to capture dramatic close-up images from a minimum focusing distance of a mere one centimetre.

An Intelligent Zoom function extends the zoom range to approximately 36 times without compromising image quality, for superior telephoto photography and an interval-shooting mode, which comes in handy for fixed-point observation.

Six Macro Lights to assist close-up shooting, and a Self-Portrait Assist mode

By selecting the Digital Microscope mode, six LED Macro Lights ideally positioned around the circumference of the lens barrel for macro shooting, allow the WG-60 to provide bright, uniform illumination on a subject.

The Macro Lights enable the user to clearly see a magnified view of the microscopic world undetectable by the naked eye on the camera’s LCD monitor, and effortlessly capture eye-catching close-up images.

In order to minimize camera and subject shake, the Instant Illumination Enhance function allows the use of a higher shutter speed by automatically raising the discharge level of the Macro Lights at the moment of shutter release.

Underwater shooting mode

Specifically designed for underwater photography, the Underwater and Underwater Movie shooting modes optimize colour and contrast

These modes deliver sharp, true-to-life images by enhancing shades of red, which are lost in underwater photography

During Underwater mode, the Flash Off + Flash On option, allows the user to capture two images consecutively

Full HD movie recording for extended shooting of high-quality movies

The WG-60 provides Full HD movie recording employing the H.264 recording format.

Users can capture high quality extended movie clips (1920 x 1080 pixels, 16:9 proportions) at a frame rate of 30 frames per second.

To add some creative touches to movie recording, it also features a high-speed camera function for slow motion playback

A micro-HDMI terminal (Type D) is also on the camera body for simultaneous output of Full HD movie clips and sound to external audio-visual devices.

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