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Roku Quad-Core Streaming Stick (3600R) 2020 Latest  Review

Roku Quad-Core Streaming Stick (3600R) 2020 Latest  Review.

Roku Streaming Stick features smooth HD streaming to your TV. Its small form-factor makes it easy to hide behind your TV and perfectly portable to use while traveling. The included voice remote has buttons to control your TV power and volume, plus search and more with Roku Voice


Roku claims its new stick has more processing power than any other pocket-sized streamer, and we’re inclined to agree.

The previous Roku streaming stick had a single-core processor, but the Streaming Stick sports a quad-core  just like the Roku 4  and the performance differences are apparent.

Perhaps the most notable new feature for the Roku Streaming Stick is its ability to stream audio to the Roku app installed on any iOS or Android smartphone connected to the same network.

There’s no lag, and sound quality is far better. Plus, a smartphone’s battery is far better at handling the task than the two AAA batteries used in Roku’s remote controls, which die pretty quickly with extended headphone listening.


Given the Roku Streaming stick sports a quad-core processor, it stands to reason it would be quick. But we were still surprised at just how fast the device is.

It actually feels faster than our Roku 4, and seems snappier than our Amazon Fire TV stick.

Powering the stick off of a wall outlet or a constant-power USB port on a TV is ideal, but those who must connect it to a USB port that loses power with the TV

Along with the increased performance, the new Roku Streaming Stick is fully capable of taking advantage of everything Roku’s app has to offer, including voice search, keyboard text entry, and managing favorites and feeds.

Powerful streaming

Sit back and enjoy the show. The Roku® Streaming Stick® packs a punch with smooth HD streaming and channels that launch in a snap—all in a small form-factor that easily hides behind your TV.

Entertainment on the go

Take it on business trips and vacations. Or movie nights at a friend’s. Even use it in a dorm. It’s perfectly portable to stream almost anywhere. Just bring your remote and power along.

No more juggling remotes

Power up your TV, adjust the volume, and control your streaming all with one remote. Use your voice to quickly search across channels, turn captions on, and more in a touch.

Mobile App

Not a fan of the included remote? Alternatively, you can download the free mobile app for any iOS or Android device, and you’re given total control through your tablet, smartphone, etc.

Best of all, this app lets you search by speaking directly into your device.

You can skip the manual typing and audibly tell Roku what you’re looking for, all with your own voice. Search movies, actors, directors, shows – you name it.

Quad Core Processor

One of the most notable upgrades on the new Roku Streaming Stick (3600R) is what’s inside.

A new and improved quad core processor that’s said to be eight times faster than the original.

Right away, upon first time use, it was obvious and quite easy to recognize the increased speed and processing power that this new CPU offers.

What this means to you is quicker load times, much less buffering, and an overall smoother and more efficient experience.

Portable Design

One thing that the Roku Streaming Stick really has going for it, is its size.

They also went ahead and ditched the original purple color for a sleeker, black color-scheme that looks great.

And since you don’t necessarily have to use the included remote, you aren’t required to bring it around with you. Using the mobile app is a much better option anyways.