Royole Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater Latest Review 2021

Royole Moon 3D Virtual Mobile Theater Latest Review 2021.

Royole Moon 3D: As a virtual theatre experience, the Royole Moon does a good job. It’s comfortable for short periods of wear and is well designed, so for watching a film it’s a great bit of kit.
As a virtual theatre experience, the Royole Moon does a good job. It's comfortable for short periods of wear and is well designed, so for watching a film it's a great bit of kit.

The active noise-cancelling headphones are great, while the immersive design of the headset certainly means you can fully enjoy a good film without interruption from the outside world.

It has some other clever tricks up its sleeve, too, such as the considerable direction adjustment along with plenty of format compatibility, 32GB on-board storage for truly free viewing.

About Moon

  • Moon is perfect for traveling. Avoid old movies on a plane, paying for hotel content, and sibling battles on road trips. Great at home too, if your get kicked off the big screen TV or want to veg at night, but not disturb anyone next to you.
  • Moon’s advanced dual AMOLED displays provide Full HD 1080p resolution, over 3000PPI (pixels per inch), ultra-high contrast ratio,
  • Royole Moon is the only headset with active noise cancelling headphones to reducing distracting external noise by 92% or 22dB.
  • Moon auto detects and optimizes content for viewing in 2D and 3D; its unique 3D algorithm provides an incredible stereoscopic 3D experience.
  • The patented folding design and the internal 32GB of storage makes Moon truly mobile. Movies, videos, and images can be saved directly onto the Moon Box
  • Advanced optics allow most eye glass wearers to use Moon without their lenses

Advance Features

  • Royole Moon review: Design and build quality
  • Foldable design with carry case
  • Active noise-cancelling headphones with 22dB noise reduction
  • Available in three colours and finishes
  • 6,000mAh battery (5hrs per charge)

Upon taking the Royole Moon out of its box, the first thing that struck us was the build quality. This is a product that oozes sublime quality right from the start.

The lightweight, breathable fabric on the face plate and ear cups, the bold colours, the smoothly finished plastic housing – it all alludes to a superior level of craftsmanship.

Video quality and screen experience

Based on specification alone, the Royole Moon offers a lot of promise. Royole says the Moon offers a view that’s equivalent to an 800-inch wrap around display before your eyes.

Royole Moon review: Video quality and screen experience

In our experience, though, the Moon offers something similar to holding your mobile phone a couple of inches in front of your face, sticking on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones on and throwing a towel over your head to block out sunlight.

User-experience and accessibility issues

  • Touch-sensitive controls
  • Compatible companion app
  • Up to 5 hours viewing time on one charge

Navigating around the various applications and settings on the Moon requires you to use the touch-sensitive controls on the headphones.

A flick of the finger allows you to move up/down/left/right. A single tap selects the option you’re after, while a double tap exits or cancels your current action.

For using the browser, you can navigate around a virtual keyboard using the same directional flicks of the touch-pad. Typing out a full web address or entering a username/password using this method is painfully long, of course.

Portable Projection

Given that it’s easy today to board an airplane or commuter train with a pair of headphones and an iPad loaded with a movie or TV episode, you may wonder why anyone would need home theater glasses.

Portable Projection


It’s a matter of perspective, both figuratively and literally. When you wear glasses like this, you are presented with the equivalent of sitting relatively close to a large projection screen,

Royole suggests that the Moon provides the equal of an 800-inch curved screen (about 66 feet) viewed from about an equal distance away.

The Royole Moon is an interesting piece of hardware. It’s a headset that purports to offer a ‘virtual 3D theatre experience’ in an immersive mobile device that’s suitable for use anywhere, anytime.

It’s not a virtual reality headset, as such, despite looking like one.

In essence, the Royole Moon is a 2-in-1 VR-style headset combined with a set of built-in high-quality noise-cancelling headphones.

The concept is sound, but with a sizeable price tag can this gadget live up to its lofty goals?

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