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RUNMUS K3 vs. Beexcellent Gaming Headset 2021 Review & Comparison

RUNMUS K3 vs. Beexcellent Gaming Headset 2021 Review & Comparison.

RUNMUS K3 vs. Beexcellent Gaming Headset ergonomic styles, collectively with their memory foam sleek ear-cups, make guaranteed they are indeed the perfect handful of headphones for comfy gaming knowledge.

Overview of the RUNMUS K3

If you’ve looked for these headsets on your own before, you might’ve noticed that the top picks are the Beexcellent GM 1 and the RUNMUS K3 .

Both offer incredibly good sound and comfortableness and an incredibly low price.

Other brands would charge you at least double or triple the price for a headset that might not be as effective.

Runmus gaming headset, albeit financing gaming cans, combines the capacity to design and perform beautifully.

Not only are you really Runmus headphones uniform in their own appearance, however, besides interior, they also sound high-quality


Runmus K3’s design is not something the company could brag. It looks like a typical gaming headset, which might be because of its box-like design.

The ear cups built with soft memory foam on the K3 will light up with a proper USB connection, making anyone wearing the headphones look fantastic.

Sound Quality

The headphone produces good sound thanks to its 50 mm audio drivers, giving the company a competitive edge on the budget headset industry.

We had very few problems with the audio quality of this product as the driver size has enabled such amazing sound quality.

As with all budget headphones, you cannot compare the game sound quality with the high-end premium products that provide immersive gaming experience with surround sound features.

We believe the quality of audio will be good enough for most gamers.

Comfort And Durability

The bulky look of Runmus gaming headsets may make you feel they genuinely are bulky and uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, the truth is far out with the Runmus gaming cans that are created using lightweight reduction material, while furnishing users extended comfort for long periods.

Their ergonomic styles, collectively with their memory foam sleek ear-cups, make guaranteed they are indeed the perfect handful of headphones for comfy gaming knowledge.

Beexcellent Gaming Headset

Sound Quality

The Beexcellent GM 1 has an audio quality that is easily comparable to other expensive models from popular manufacturers.

One could argue the quality is even better than the HyperX Cloud Stinger model.

It is easy to pick up sounds from the environment in some of the most popular games like Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty, and Battlefield.


The quality bass that these headphones reproduce is one of the things that make the sound quality, in general, such a well-made feature.

The bass isn’t too heavy by any means, but it feels very balanced. It’s set up perfectly to go hand-in-hand with the sound settings of the headphones.


The attractive design of these headphones is easily one of the main things that persuade people to buy them.

They even have lights on the sides of each ear cup, which can be turned on by simply plugging the headset via USB.

They look very good overall, and their design leaves nothing to be desired.


Although they are built very sturdily, the product does have some issues with the way they are made.

Given the fact that a lot of people use them to play on consoles, once you connect them to your controller with the 3.5mm connector,

The USB will be hanging about, and it does become uncomfortable unless you tie it with a knot to the rest of the cable.

They are very sturdy and lightweight and can withstand regular usage without signs of wear-and-tear.


Once plugged in, this headset works in most devices. It is ideally made to be used in a PC, PS4, or Xbox One console.

They don’t work well with smartphones or audio devices like iPods – the audio might phase out from time to time if you intend to use these as regular headphones.

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