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Samsung A41 Full Specification, Price, Features, and More

The Galaxy A41 is an excellent compact mid-ranger, and if you don’t like big phones and don’t wish to spend on the flagship Galaxy S20 or last year’s Galaxy S10e, the A41 will serve you well. The beautiful AMOLED display is easy to handle with one hand, the performance is good as long as you don’t intend to play heavy games, the battery can often last a full day, and you get the latest Samsung software. It’s not perfect, but if a compact and affordable phone are what you’re after, the Galaxy A41 comes pretty close.

Samsung Galaxy A41 is a good choice for those who are looking for a relatively compact and inexpensive smartphone. It will run casual games and make decent photos.

 The Galaxy A41 has a trio of snappers on the back and a snappy enough hardware to take on most of the tasks. The One UI gets better and cleaner with each iteration and the A41 has the latest version 2.1 on top of Android 10.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Overview

The Samsung Galaxy A41 has a superb display standing at 6.1-inches tall, this Super AMOLED offers rich colors and smooth refresh rates as well as a Full HD+ resolution, aka 1080 x 2400.

It’s big, it’s bright, it’s vivid and it’s punchy. The teardrop camera cutout at the top makes for an all-screen finish that looks truly premium.

The rear camera setup is powerful with a 5MP depth camera, ideal for background blur; a 48MP main snapper helping for digital zoom; and an 8MP ultra-wide camera that’s great for capturing all your surroundings.

The 25MP selfie snapper does a good job too, especially with Samsung’s camera smarts helping to smooth out the pics to perfection.

A 3,500mAh battery will get you all-day use and the 15W fast charger has you back up and running in no time. While this does come with 4G, a quad-core CPU, and 4GB of RAM, we did notice a little lag at times – so this could be where that saving on price is being made. But with a game booster mode, it can still handle lots of tasks.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Design & Display

Design is, of course, subjective but if you like the looks of the Samsung Galaxy S20, you’ll probably feel the same way about the Galaxy A41.

It’s a nice-looking phone that manages to hide its modest origins by borrowing design elements from its flagship siblings.

Actually, the A41 is almost identical to the Galaxy S20 sizewise, and the main camera system on the back looks strangely familiar too. It’s a pretty compact phone that weighs just 152 grams.

The frame and the back of the phone are made of plastic, but you could hardly tell by looking at the device or holding it in your hand.

 Samsung did a great job adding some premium elements to the design, namely the subtle geometrical pattern on the rear panel and a cool rainbow effect which fortifies the glassy impression.

Moving to the front of the Galaxy A41, we find a 6.1-inch Super AMOLED display with a delicate teardrop-sized notch in the upper bezel.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Camera & Audio

The main camera system on the back of the Samsung Galaxy A41 consists of three shooters in a quite familiar setup. There’s a 48-megapixel wide-angle camera, an 8MP ultra-wide snapper, and a 5MP depth sensor.

In good lighting conditions, the phone takes decent images but don’t expect groundbreaking detail or dynamic range.

There’s no dedicated Night Mode but a smart Scene Optimizer is doing some magic with the settings, detecting low-light conditions, people etc.

Night shots are far from ideal with a generous amount of noise and not much detail, but considering the price of the Galaxy A41, we’re more than satisfied with the camera performance.

Video recording is capped at 1080p, though, which is a bummer, but the Helio chipset takes its toll.

Galaxy A41 Sample Pictures

The Galaxy A41 features a single bottom-firing loudspeaker, which, despite the name, isn’t very loud. The sound quality is mediocre and there is hiss and pop at full volume.

 Luckily, the phone sports a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and even using the bundled earphones results in a vast improvement.

By now you must be wondering how Samsung managed to slap such an affordable price to the Galaxy A41.

 There’s one compromise that answers the question and it’s the chipset. We would’ve loved to see a Snapdragon mid-ranger inside the A41, but unfortunately, the Mediatek MT6768 Helio P65 is the main act on that stage. And its performance is quite a mixed bag.

Synthetic benchmarks aside, the Galaxy A41 sometimes feels a little lazy scrolling or switching between apps. It’s not the end of the world and, quite frankly, the MTK chipset tackles everyday tasks quite well.


Galaxy A41 Software and Performance

The 4GB of RAM is more than enough to handle power-browsing with a dozen tabs while the 64GB onboard storage is expandable via a microSD card slot.

The Galaxy A41 is one of many new Galaxy phones to launch with Android 10 and One UI 2.1 out of the box. The software experience is more or less similar to the Galaxy A31’s, so you can read up on our A31 review to get an idea of what you’re getting with the Galaxy A41.

Needless to say, these phones don’t have all of the features Samsung offers on its flagship phones and even the Galaxy A51 or A71 (for example, you don’t get a screen recorder or Bixby Routines), but it’s still a pretty impeccable package for the asking price.

Samsung Galaxy A41 Battery Life

Even though the Samsung Galaxy A41 is quite compact and thin (only 7.9 mm), it boasts an ample 3500 mAh battery. When we take into account the modest chipset and the energy-efficient AMOLED screen, we should expect great battery life out of this device. And that’s exactly the case.

You can get two full days between charges with moderate usage or a comfortable day of heavy usage. The phone supports fast charging and with the 15W brick included in the box, you can get from 0 to 50 percent in 41 minutes.

There’s no sign of wireless charging but at this price range, that’s to be expected. All in all, the Samsung Galaxy A41 doesn’t disappoint in the battery department.

Is Samsung A41 worth buying?

The Galaxy A41 is an excellent compact mid-ranger, and if you don’t like big phones and don’t wish to spend on the flagship Galaxy S20 or last year’s Galaxy S10e, the A41 will serve you well.

Does A41 have always on display?

The Galaxy A41 greets you with a straight-forward lock screen and home screens, complete with a full set of customization features as well as various widgets for the Always-On display.

How long does the Samsung A41 battery last?

It supports 15W charging through its 9V/1.67A or 5V/2A charger – it replenishes 38% of its depleted battery in 30 mins and about 67% in 1 hour. The Galaxy A41 clocked an outstanding 102 hours of endurance in our series of proprietary tests, with solid scores across the board.