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Samsung TU7100 Crystal UHD 4K Excellent HDR Smart TV

The Samsung RU7100 is an excellent 4K smart TV for the value shopper, delivering solid performance for both picture and sound, and plenty of smarts to go with it. It offers shoppers a tempting mix of brand recognition, decent feature set, and affordable price, positioning it to stand out on store shelves as you look for something that’s not too expensive, but not too basic.

Samsung TU7100

The Samsung RU7100 proves itself a strong competitor for the best TV under $500, offering a great price, strong feature set, and decent overall performance for both picture and sound.

It won’t blow you away with its HDR capability or advanced smart features, but the RU100 gives you all of the apps you would expect, along with smart-speaker support.

It’s also awesome for gaming, pairing that performance with automatic game mode, great response times, and solid support for 4K games and content.

For a 4K smart TV that sells for under $500, the Samsung RU7100 offers plenty of value for your dollar

Samsung UE50TU7100 One Minute Review

The 43-inch TU7100 is the smallest model in Samsung’s Crystal UHD 7-series. With its aggressive pricing, this isn’t a flatscreen that will satisfy performance hounds, but it is a bonafide bargain for those looking to buy big brand performance for less.

Naturally, the 4K set is HDR enabled, and while it doesn’t have the wherewithal (or backlight) to really deliver bright peak HDR highlights, it does have an appealing average picture level that serves most content well, particularly HD SDR.

Samsung TU7100

It’s also a strong option if you want a telly to game on. With a low input lag, it won’t slow you down during a fierce firefight.

That said, the star turns for many buyers will actually be Samsung’s Tizen smart TV platform. Offering an impressive selection of catch-up TV players and big-name streaming services, you can be confident there’s always something worth watching.

Even if you don’t take out umpteen service subscriptions, you’ll find something to amuse you on Samsung’s free IP-delivered TV Plus channel bouquet.

Overall, this cheap TV is definitely worth a look.

Samsung UE50TU7100 Design

As befits its product ranking, the TU7100 is far from pretentious. It’s a straightforward commodity flatscreen with a politely slim bezel and two slot-in plastic feet which, at least on this size screen, should fit most AV furniture.

Buy a larger screen though and you might have to factor in a visit to your favourite flat-pack emporium.

It ships with a stock Samsung remote control, distinguished by dedicated buttons for Rakuten, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video streaming services.

Samsung TU7100

Connections are fairly basic and comprise two HDMIs, one of which is eARC enabled for use with soundbars, one USB port, an optical audio digital output, Ethernet and Wi-Fi, and a single terrestrial tuner.

Samsung UE50TU7100 Price and Availability

The U43TU7100 can be found for around £350, which is a small beer for a screen with specs like these. It’s also available in 50-, 55-, 65-, 70- and 75-inch screen sizes, each of which is competitively priced.

Rather confusingly, the same screen is also available as the TU7000 and the TU7110. While the model number may differ, it’s the same set.

Samsung Picture Quality Explained

If you temper expectations, the Samsung TU7100 delivers perfectly enjoyable pictures with a high average picture brightness.

Samsung TU7100

As long as you don’t come to the TU7100 expecting the performance of a model that sells for twice the price, you won’t be disappointed.

This cheap Samsung TV comes with the obvious LED caveats. The set can’t quite manage a deep black, which rather limits the amount of detail available in darker scenes.

There isn’t a wide color gamut panel either, though you’ll find the TU7100 has a jolly (if not entirely accurate) vibrancy that’s entertaining to watch.

As we’ve observed on many budget 4K sets, HDR compliance is more about metadata recognition than actual performance.

We measured peak HDR at 287 nits, using a 10 percent measuring window. Reducing this window to 5 percent, saw the screen’s ability to handle HDR peaks drop to 210 nits.

The screen struggles with some of the low light sequences in Barbarians (Netflix), but its HDR is adept enough to add intensity to flaming torches and the like.

How about the Audio Performance

The TU7100 warrants some external help when it comes to audio. The screen’s sonic performance can kindly be described as functional.

There’s 20W of internal amplification on-board, although the provision of eARC should be taken as evidence that better can be achieved with even a modest soundbar.

When it comes to gaming, the TU7100 puts a more confident foot forward. With Game Mode, we measured input lag at a blazingly fast 9.9ms (1080/60).

That’s remarkably good, and means you could actually use the 43-inch TU7100 as a near-field gaming display. Unlike the set’s higher-end QLED models, there’s no support for G-Sync or Freesync though.


Does it Come with Ports?

The RU7100 is outfitted with three HDMI ports, including one HDMI ARC port (short for Audio Return Channel) that can be used to connect a soundbar with a single connection.

A pair of USB ports offer connectivity for flash drives or power for streaming devices, such as a Google Chromecast.

There’s an RF connector for connecting one of the best TV antennas, a shared component and composite video input, an optical audio port for older surround sound systems and an Ethernet port for wired internet.

Built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi is available for wireless network connectivity, and Bluetooth for connecting cordless headphones and speaker systems.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Samsung TU7100 a good TV?

Samsung TU7100/TU7000 (UE43TU7100) review: A cheap 4K TV that doesn’t skimp on picture quality. The Samsung TU7100 gives you an affordable 4K TV a great range of sizes, with picture quality and smart TV control that are beyond the asking price.

Is Samsung TU7100 good for gaming?

The Samsung TU7000 is decent for HDR gaming. It provides a responsive gaming experience thanks to its low input lag, although the response time is only okay. However, it doesn’t provide a satisfying HDR experience because it can’t get bright enough to make highlights pop, and it doesn’t have a wide color gamut.

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