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Samsung TU8000 Crystal UHD 4K 55-inch Smart TV

Looking at upgrading your HD or Full HD TV? This Samsung TU8000 Crystal UHD HDR will tick all the boxes. Featuring the new Crystal Processor 4K, this TV transforms everything you watch into crystal clear 4K Ultra HD quality, providing the best image experience at home. Watch with the brightest colors and enjoy clear detail in any light with the High Dynamic Range 10+.

Samsung TU8000

Enjoy your favorite movies with the Film Mode and gamers will love the Game Mode that reduces lag and delivers smoother images and fast motion.

Boasting smart connectivity 2, this TV lets you navigate different apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Kayo and so much more! With built-in voice assistant 3, you can ask either Bixby, Alexa, or Google Assistant to control your TV using nothing more than your voice.

This Samsung TV is more than a TV as it blends into your home with its Ambient Mode.

Two Minute Review of Samsung TU8000

For the past few years, Samsung’s 8 Series has been a great go-to option for TV buyers wanting to balance performance and price in a way that once seemed unfathomable.

The TU8000 doesn’t quite represent the top of that range, but is just one step down, sharing plenty of the TU8500’s boasts, but with an even more attractive price tag.

It uses Samsung’s Crystal LCD UHD panel technology and promises ease of use, a minimalistic design, choice of built-in voice assistant, and a best-in-class smart TV system.

There are also a whole host of screen sizes to choose from, so you can really make it work for your space.

Samsung TU8000 Price and Availability

The Samsung TU8000 is available in the UK, US and Australia, with the only difference being the 85-inch variant available in the US – instead of 82-inch in the UK and Australia.

Other than that, the line up is the same across all territories, including 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch models.

We reviewed the 55-inch version of the TU8000 (£599/$500/AU$1,299), but otherwise you’ll be paying £429/$350/AU$949 for the 43-inch, £499/$400/AU$1,049 for the 50-inch, £899/$700/AU$1,599 for the 65-inch, £1,299/$1,200/AU$2,499 for the 75-inch and £1,999/$1,800/AU$3,699 for the 82-inch/85-inch.

There are a few more screen sizes to choose from this year compared with last year’s RU8000, and while UK prices are generally the same, the US and Australia have seen some price cuts.

For example, prices for the 55-inch tested here are the same as last year’s RU8000 in the UK, but the same model in the US and Australia comes in $150 and AU$300 cheaper respectively.

Samsung TU8000 Design

At this price, it’s probably unsurprising that the TU8000’s design is made up primarily of black plastic, across its back panel, bezels, and stands.

It still manages to feel well-built despite this, with some reassuring heft when getting it out of the box, and minimal bezels ensuring the set still looks stylish, plastic and all.

As it is, the UE55TU8000 will require a TV stand of at least 103cm, so do make sure your current setup can accommodate it first.

Samsung TU8000

Of course you can choose to wall mount this TV instead, and there are no unsightly lumps or bumps on the back to make this an issue. In fact, at just 6cm thick, it should sit pretty snug to your wall.

However, it’s worth noting that one of the HDMI ports will become unusable in this position due to being rear-facing, which is a shame considering what’s there is already a fairly stingy offering.

Smart TV (Tizen)

While you can get the TV set up just using the remote if you prefer, Samsung prompts you to download the Samsung SmartThings app to do it digitally instead.

It works really well, even automatically adding the wi-fi details it digs out from your device so you don’t have to mess around with on-screen keyboards, which is always welcome.

Samsung TU8000

It also prompts you to download any extra on-demand apps you might like on the TV and choose your voice assistant, as well as helps you get the OneRemote set up as a universal control for all your sources.

Once complete, the TU8000 will appear as a device within the SmartThings app alongside any other compatible devices you might have in the house.

You can then control your TV via your phone if you’ve misplaced the remotes… or just can’t be bothered to get up to get them.

Picture Quality

This UE55TU8000 is capable of a very good picture for its price, but the out-of-the-box settings do need a bit of work to get the most out of it, particularly with HDR content.

That’s because the peak brightness of this set is on the low side. Even with brightness turned up high in settings, you will likely find yourself wanting more, especially with dark scenes in well-lit rooms.

Samsung TU8000

So before we talk about the picture, let’s talk about how to get it looking its best.

The first thing to adjust here is the picture mode, which is most accurate under Movie. Many will prefer the attractive cooler tones of Standard, which is also slightly brighter, but if you’re looking for the most accurate picture and color palette, the Movie is the option to go for.


Samsung TU8000 Audio Performance

The TU8000 offers three audio settings to choose from in the main settings menu. It’ll come with Standard selected out of the box, but you can also choose the Adaptive or Amplified settings.

We like the added wallop from Adaptive, which strikes a good balance of adding some weight to the low end without losing out on too much clarity through the midrange.

Samsung TU8000

That low end still lacks the power and depth you’d get from a soundbar but does at least help to give some presence to a soundtrack and ensure it doesn’t sound too thin.

The treble is still a little on the sharp side but not so much that it becomes uncomfortable to listen to.

Organisation isn’t the best so dialogue can get a little lost in the busiest scenes, but overall it’s fine, if lacking a little detail.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Samsung TU8000 a good TV?

The Samsung TU8000 series of TVs offers loads of features and a decent picture for an affordable price, though you can get better color and contrast from competing Hisense and TCL models

Is TU8000 good for gaming?

A great budget pick, the TU8000 looks great and makes your games look good, too.

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