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Samsung ue50tu8500 Review: Complete Update for Potential Buyers

Samsung ue50tu8500 Review: Complete Update for Potential Buyers.

Samsung ue50tu8500 Review – 50-inch 4K TVs are some of the most popular, especially when they aren’t too pricey.

The Samsung UE50TU8500 (sometimes called the UE50TU8500UXXU) should fit the bill for a low-cost 50 inches nicely, well, as long as it looks and sounds good.

Samsung ue50tu8500

Enjoy crystal-clear color with the Samsung UE50TU8500UXXU 50″ Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV.

Its Dynamic Crystal Display delivers over one billion colors (64 x more than a conventional UHD TV). So your picture looks natural and lifelike, with no oversaturation or washed-out hues.

Samsung‘s Dual LED technology uses warm and cool backlights to create better contrast and more colour detail.

Product Overview

Experience Dynamic Crystal Colour HDR powered by HDR10+ as the filmmakers intended. A genuine cinematic color made from over a billion shades.

Crystal Processor adapts to provide the very best 4K picture and targeted sound based on what you are watching.

Voice control is provided by Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant all built-in. Boundless design is crafted to look perfect from any angle. Easy set-up automatically through your smartphone.

Discover crystal clear, lifelike color. With more than one billion colors — 64 times more than conventional UHD TVs — Dynamic Crystal display delivers picture-perfect results, with no degradation over time.

Samsung offers the most comprehensive set of apps with the highest quality content, including exclusives such as Apple TV, Britbox, XITE Music Videos & BT Sport apps.


What the Samsung ue50tu8500 has to Offer

The Samsung ue50tu8500 is a 50-inches, 4k TV which is pretty advanced, not to add that the ’50-inches tv’ are quite popular these days, So what will make this one any different from any other TV out there.

The Samsung ue50tu8500 has amazing features like none other, it is pricey, plus it looks good and sounds good too.

Samsung ue50tu8500

– Picture Perfect Contrast

This model has a special Dual LED system all around the edge of the display.

It works by automatically adjusting the TV’s backlight to match whatever’s happening on the screen, giving you a more accurate range of colors at wider angles, and getting rid of annoying reflections too.

That means you’ll enjoy an amazing picture made up of bright hues and deep blacks wherever you’re sitting.

– Fill your Screen with Color

Samsung’s Dynamic Crystal Colour technology brings out a stunning variety of colors in every single frame.

It unlocks over a billion lifelike hues and tones, offering you an experience filled with more vibrancy and detail. Even subtle colors are illuminated, as whites look brighter and blacks look deeper.

So everything you watch, from your favorite action movies to epic nature documentaries, will look truly spectacular.

– Get your Game on

Play at your best with Samsung’s Game Enhancer feature. Switch it on, and it optimizes your TV to make sure every action you take is shown instantly, with no blurring or delays.

So you can get the split-second advantage you need to stay on top of the leaderboards and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience.

– Colour that Really Pops

HDR10+ takes viewing to the next level, delivering incredibly vivid, lifelike colors over and above standard HDR.

By adjusting the brightness depending on the scene, HDR10+ provides subtler gradients and more detail, making every frame super-dynamic.

This means a more realistic picture of whatever you’re watching, so you’ll feel even closer to the action.

Samsung ue50tu8500

– Living made Easier

Make everyday life a breeze with the SmartThings app.

It works with smart products from thousands of brands, including big names like Philips Hue, Amazon, Google Nest, and Arlo, as well as some of Samsung’s appliances.

By syncing all these on one app, you’ll be able to control everything with a few taps and get alerts from wherever you are.

So, while you’re out weeding the garden, you can switch off any lights that have been left on and see how your food’s cooking.

– 4K Ultra HD

This Ultra HD 4K TV gives you a perfect picture when it comes to image quality.

Using four times more pixels than Full HD, 4K technology delivers sharper, more detailed images that draw you into the heart of the action – whether it’s the big match or your favorite movie.

So you’ll get more natural color, greater contrast, and smoother images for the ultimate viewing experience.

– Top TV Tips

Remember that a TV’s size in inches is diagonal from corner to corner.

So, if you’re using the stand, you’ll need to check the width of the TV in the product specification to make sure it’ll fit on your furniture.

Check the feet too – if they’re at the edges of the TV, make sure they’ll both fit on your TV stand.

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