Sky Soundbox Review 2021: Expand your Audio Horizons

Sky Soundbox Review 2021: Expand your Audio Horizons.

This awesome speaker combines the connectivity of both a typical soundbar and wireless speaker, with its 4K-supporting HDMI input/output and digital optical input for TV connectivity, plus USB input and Bluetooth connectivity.

Do you know this soundbox delivers great sound quality for a speaker this small and cheap? You will get to find out as you read on.

Sky Soundbox Review 2021: Expand your Audio Horizons

Sky Soundbox: What You Should Know

The Sky Soundbox is essentially a soundbar squeezed into a black speaker box just 37.5cm wide and 21cm deep, which makes it one of the smallest all-in-one speaker systems available.

Arguably that is the Soundbox’s biggest strength as it’s barely bigger than the Skybox that it’s designed to be plugged into.

It has a total of nine speakers of different sizes and orientations, which work together to produce a wide soundscape, hidden behind the black fabric mesh

In today’s article, we have decided to review this great music box, and just by reading a little further, you will get to know everything about Sky Soundbox.

Now let’s go through the reviews at once.

Sky Soundbox Build And Design

We’ve become familiar with soundbars taking the form of, well, a bar – but the Soundbox is closer to the size and shape of a giant lunchbox.

Even though its large proportions barely differ from that of a Sky Q box, that depth does demand plenty of room on a rack in front of your telly.

It feels well made, as does the neat and compact remote control, but we wouldn’t be tempted to put anything on top of it – or next to it, for that matter.

Sky suggests you leave 15cm on either side of the box to let the side-firing drivers do their work.

The Soundbox also combines the connectivity of both a typical soundbar and wireless speaker, with its 4K-supporting HDMI input/output and digital optical input for TV connectivity.


Sky Soundbox: What Does it Sound like?


You’ll probably learn to live with such small annoyances, however, because the Sky Soundbox sounds great.

Behind the scenes are six woofer drivers in what Devialet calls a “push-push” configuration and three full-range drivers, one facing the front and the other two facing rearwards.

And this setup delivers the sort of sound pressure I’d more regularly associate with a speaker and subwoofer set.

It’s both detailed and aggressive, digs deep goes extraordinarily loud, and has the sort of even-handed delivery that sounds fantastic with movies and music alike

Despite its size, the Soundbox also presents a pretty wide soundstage, although here we’re talking something more akin to a single soundbar rather than the depth and breadth of a full-on surround sound system.

That’s mainly thanks to the rear-facing full-range drivers, which fire sound backward, bouncing it off your walls and furniture.

Always Better With Sky Q

The Soundbox is designed to work best with Sky Q but you can also use it with Sky+ or people without Sky at all. As mentioned, the latter means the device is a whopping £799.Sky Soundbox Review 2021

Not only do you get it at a much more affordable price, connecting it to a Sky Q box provides extra features.

The Soundbox can automatically detect what you’re doing and adjusts the sound profile accordingly. It can do this for sports, film, and music based on the broadcast

What you can choose from are some profiles including an impressive night mode that reduces the volume of loud aspects while boosting quiet things.

This means you can hear dialogue without annoying neighbors with the sound of explosions.

Sky Soundbox Price

Sky Soundbox Review 2021

We’re accustomed to a single price for gadgets like this, but the Soundbox has three different prices.

The cheapest is £249, available for those who are Sky multi-screen customers. Regular Sky customers can get the Soundbox at a still reasonable £299. You’ll need to order directly from Sky.

If you like, you can choose to pay £149 upfront then pay the rest across your next three bills.

The Sky Soundbox is a bit of a unique beast: a compact, all-in-one box that spits out full-range sound marking a significant upgrade to your TV-watching experience.

Most competitors are much larger, being either longer soundbars or larger sound bases, and most come with a sub you have to put somewhere.

So the Soundbox fills a niche well – for those that want more than tinny TV speakers but doesn’t have a lot of room

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