SmartHalo 2 Review 2020 Detailed Review and Benefits

SmartHalo 2 Review 2020 Detailed Review and Benefits.

The SmartHalo 2 is also a circular, minimal device that mounts in the center of the handlebars and uses a ring of colored lights to provide turn-by-turn signals, guiding the rider to their destination once they’ve entered it in the smartphone app


SmartHalo 2 is a navigation device that includes a 110 db anti-theft alarm, a front light, and fitness metrics.

When a cyclist hops on the bike the device displays its pre-programmed start animation and it turns off after the ride is finished.

If a user is tracking a fitness goal the display can show progress, and a pulse can be shown to indicate that a call is incoming.

The PeekDisplay in the middle of the halo is programmable from the Android 5 and iOS 11 compatible app, with a 128×64 OLED screen inside a halo of 24 RGB LEDs.

Navigation can choose the recommended, safest, flattest or fastest route for the user.


Installation is rather simple and uses a clamp system that works on pretty much all bicycles. You’ll need to use the bracket, and, in some cases the risers and rubber spacers to secure itself.

In some cases it takes all of 5-10 minutes to put together and it utilizes a special (HaloKey) magnetic key. Because of the key, the SmartHalo stays put and is not susceptible to theft.

Well, that, and the internal alarm system keep it in place.

For those who need to use some of the rubber spacing or longer screws, it can be somewhat tricky assembling if only because of the number of pieces.

Let’s Ride

The SmartHalo is just that: a halo of light. With 25 LED lights that circle the device, it’s quite interesting how effective things can be, even without an actual display.

It takes very little time to understand how the lights work across its various functions.

Using turn-by-turn navigation, for instance, the SmartHalo indicates which way you need to turn and with the right amount of notice.

It’s worth pointing out here that it’s not Google Maps that powers the navigation but Open Street Maps. This isn’t necessarily an in issue, though, because we find benefits in using both systems on our phone.

SmartHalo 2 Kickstarter

After a successful Kickstarter campaign for SmartHalo in 2015, the company is back with a revamped second-gen product that cyclists can customize to fit their cycling style.

SmartHalo 2 maintains the core functionality of version one, with a number of hardware and software upgrades and a focus on personalization.

Like its predecessor, SmartHalo 2’s five core features include a navigation system, a powerful light, an anti-theft alarm, fitness tracking, and personal assistant.

Central to the tech’s minimalist design is an intuitive halo of light that guides cyclists to their destination with turn-by-turn signals, tracks fitness goals and much more.

SmartHalo 2 Features

Navigation – SmartHalo 2 uses an innovative navigation algorithm, custom built for cycling.

Cyclists enter their destination in the app, choose their path and the circular interface right on their handlebars guides them with intuitive, turn-by-turn, light signals.

Cyclists can also set waypoints en route to their destination, and import/export GPX files. Distance to destination and ETA are shown both on the device and in the app.


SmartHalo stays on the bike at all times with the anti-theft lock to ensure theft protection.

The internal motion sensor makes sure that any persistent meddling with a bike triggers a loud, 100db alarm when the cyclist isn’t around.

When the cyclist comes back, it disarms automatically


SmartHalo 2 tracks distance traveled, speed, time, calories, and elevation.

It lets users set fitness goals in the app, view lifetime stats, and detailed metrics in the app and on the handlebars. It also has Strava integration.


At night, cyclists can see and be seen. As soon as the sun sets, SmartHalo 2’s 250 lumens


Cyclists should be keeping their eyes on the road and not be thinking about missing calls. SmartHalo 2 allows cyclists to receive notifications from various messaging apps (Android), calls on iOS so they don’t need to check their phone at every corner.

It also connects with such as Strava, SMS, WhatsApp, Gmail, Messenger, and Slack. Other features inclu

SmartHalo 2 Fitness Tracking

To help with fitness tracking, SmartHalo 2 tracks distance traveled , speed, time, calories, and elevation. It lets users set fitness goals in the app, view lifetime stats, and detailed metrics in the app and on the handlebars.

It also has Strava integration.At night, cyclists can see and be seen. At night or in dim conditions, SmartHalo 2’s 250 lumens rechargeable light turns on automatically with the help of its light sensors.

When the ride is finished, it shuts down on its own.


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