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The Best Budget Portable Headphone Amp Latest Review

The Best Budget Portable Headphone Amp Latest Review.

If you already have a good set of audiophile Headphones and want to make sure you are getting every bit of performance out of them then you will wish to invest in a good headphone amplifier.

The Best Budget Portable Head Phone Amplifier Review.

If you are a music lover, who loves to listen to music during his morning walks or in his home, then an Amplifier is a must that you should have.

Headphones are the same thing as mini speakers, and they all need an amplifier. Most devices have a built-in headphone amp

But buying an amplifier can be a headache because there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind to buy that.

Amplifiers help headphones or media players to amplify the sound by giving more power to the headphones that don’t get enough power from portable devices.

This article details reviews of the best headphone amps available in 2021 as well as a guide on how to choose the right Head Phone Amplifier for your specific needs

1. Grace Design m900 Headphone Amp

The m900 by Grace Design is a great 2-channel multi-use headphone amplifier, digital to analog converter (DAC), and a preamp all in one.

The Grace Design m900 is an awesome choice for a headphone amp especially for musicians and producers since it’s so flexible and can be used in multiple situations as well as be transported easily or it can just sit on your desktop.

It definitely is one of the best desktop headphone amps. The Grace Design m900 offers transparent audio playback through USB, S/PDIF, and/or TOSLINK.

If you have a smaller studio setup or a portable set up like a laptop for DJing, editing, or mixing, the m900 is a portable, flexible solution that provides the same high-quality performance that a bigger audio interface or DAC would provide you with.

The Grace Design m900 is rather rugged, so if you spill coffee on your desk and get some on it, or if you bump it around while you’re traveling with it, it should hold up just fine


  • Great for desktop or on the go use.
  • 2 channels for different or multiple simultaneous purposes.
  • Multiple power modes for different situations.


  • Limited connectivity features.
  • Not especially powerful in terms of volume boost.

2. ART HeadAmp6 Pro Headphone Amp

The ART HeadAmp6 Pro is a 6-channel stereo headphone amplifier. It is a rack-mount style amp that also includes a 6-channel auxiliary input section.

The HeadAmp6 Pro’s auxiliary inputs can be used to provide the popular More-Me function on each headphone mix.

HeadPhone Amp

Each output channel also has a dual function balance control. The balance control can either pan between the left and right sides of the main bus, or it can vary the mix between the main bus and the auxiliary input for that channel.

This gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility, especially when recording live in a studio with a group of people since someone may want to hear something different than someone else.

On each output channel, bass and treble controls are included to help you sculpt the tone even further.

As for the outputs, included are stereo 1/4-inch TRS jacks on both the front and the back panels for easy installation and quick patching if necessary.

Two ‘mono’ select buttons are available for each channel to select between four different operating modes: stereo, mono left, mono right, and mono both to provide you with even more versatility when monitoring.


  • Great for studio use or live use if put on a rack.
  • Has multiple monitoring modes.
  • The price is a steal.


  • Not meant to be portable as it is a rack-mount style, but if you want to transport it you’ll have to bring your whole rack with you.

3. Eddie Current Studio

The Eddie Current Studio headphone amp is a top-end, best-rated tube headphone amp.

It is designed with custom parts and tested in the Eddie Current lab to ensure that what you’re getting from it is the absolute best sound state that delivers a natural yet vivid response and balanced listening.

HeadPhone Amp

The Eddie Current Studio headphone amp is ideal for high-quality headphones but also has enough power to drive studio monitors and other speakers without taking away from your listening experience with headphones.

The Studio amp is the flagship headphone amp model from the Eddie Current line, bridging the gap between entry-level and professional headphone amps.

It is a single-ended vacuum tube amp for headphones and speakers. So, let’s get into how it works.

There are parallel 2A3 output tubes that are transformer plate loaded. This creates a huge SE triode output device.

From there, the output transformer has 3 different windings called by Eddie Current: primary, secondary, and tertiary. The winding cancels distortion that is inherent in all magnetic devices due to the electromagnetic field


  • Uses vacuum tubes to give you a classic sound.
  • Is smaller but also powerful enough to drive both headphones and studio monitors or computer speakers.
  • Very low distortion.


  • AC voltage noise may sometimes breakthrough and surpass the distortion canceling technology.
  • DC power (which is quieter) is not used.
  • Very slightly colors audio (but in a pleasant, vintage way).


What You Should Look For in a Headphone Amp?

Obviously, the main priority when compiling this list of 2021’s best headphone amps was sound quality.  There is no point in having a good set of headphones if you are attaching them to an inferior amplifier.

HeadPhone Amp

That said there are a number of other factors that came into play when we were choosing our recommendations.

Features and connectivity were very important during our amp tests and many of the units listed below have many different features or designs that might be of use to different buyers.

As amplifier technology has advanced we have seen many models integrate extra connectivity options such as balanced outputs and EQ functionality.

Price is another consideration that played a big role as there is a point where some units didn’t get included because they didn’t do anything particularly better than another amp yet cost significantly more cash.

Value for money I think is important to everyone and at a certain point the law of diminishing returns kicks in and it’s hard to recommend certain models.

We hope you found this helpful. If you’re not getting as much volume as you’d like from a pair of cherished headphones, or you want to  improve the sound quality of your computer or portable device a headphone amp will be just great

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