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The Best USB-C Powered Portable Monitors for Travel 2020 Review

The Best USB-C Powered Portable Monitors for Travel 2020 Review.

Portable monitors are terrific solutions for expanding your screen real estate on the go, and they’re excellent for multitasking, improving creative workflow and even just watching Netflix as you get through your daily work tasks


Portable displays that you pair with a laptop aren’t a new phenomenon, but in the past year or two, they have come into their own.

Many of the major monitor manufacturers have at least one in their repertoire, and new models are appearing more regularly than ever.

Whether you want to add a second screen for giving presentations to small groups, view two programs open full-screen at once

Enhance your portable gaming system, or touch up your designs with a stylus, mobile monitors of different sizes, styles, and paradigms are ready to serve

What Qualifies as a Portable Monitor?

Many smaller desktop displays can be taken on the road in a pinch, but “true” portable monitors are those specifically sold as such.

Even those range quite a bit in size: from 3.5 inches to 22 inches. Portable displays run the gamut from personal, business, and general-purpose models to panels for artists and gamers.

The sweet spot for use with a laptop, though, and our focus here, is between 12 and 17 inches.

Many users match their portable display with the screen size of their laptop. But also on the market is a handful of models at 10 inches

Asus ZenScreen MB16AC Portable Monitor

The Asus ZenScreen MB16A Portable Monitor is one of the nicest-looking USB monitors we’ve seen, and it comes with a number of features and design considerations that make it an incredibly handy device, and one of the best portable monitors.

However, it comes at a price, with the ZenScreen proving to be more expensive than many of the other portable monitors on this list.

However, the build and image quality of this screen makes it well worth the extra money.

Fans of Asus’ ZenBook laptops should be particularly interested in this device, as it has a design that compliments Asus’ high-end laptops nicely.


  • Uses simple USB-C cable for charging and data transmission.
  • Impressive display and viewing angles.
  • Fast performance and reliable.
  • Color saturation is on another level.


  • Kills laptop’s battery fast.
  • Carrying case might be complex to use for some of you.

Asus MB169C+ Portable Monitor

The Asus MB169C+ isn’t quite as portable as Packed Pixels, but its 15.6-inch size makes using it feel more like using a regular monitor.

It has a healthy pixel-resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, which is perfect for streaming full HD video, working with two applications side-by-side and even gaming if you have a sufficiently powerful laptop.

The MB169C+ is incredibly simple to use thanks to its USB-C connection, which uses a single cable to transmit video, sound and power

It also comes in a handy protective sleeve that doubles up as a carrying case.

Asus’ portable monitor uses an in-plane switching (IPS) display, which brings decent viewing angles making it perfect for watching video with a friend.

Gechic 1101P Portable Monitor

Aimed at photographers who need a monitor to take on shoots, the Gechic 1101P features an IPS display like the Asus MB169C+.

However, this one is smaller at 11.6 inches and more portable, allowing to be easily attached to a tripod or SLR camera while out in the field.

This full HD display supports 16.7 million colors which can easily be tweaked using the monitor’s onboard color temperature settings

The 1101P is also well-connected, featuring support for VGA, micro HDMI and mini DisplayPort.

These make it suitable for a number of different use cases

What We Like

  • Great picture
  • Mounts to cameras
  • tripodsWell-connected
  • Bland design

HP EliteDisplay S14

HP’s portable display relies on a 14-inch IPS panel with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution at 60Hz.

The wraparound easel cover serves as a built-in prop in landscape mode only.

It does not have any additional outputs, integrated speakers, or touch input capability.

HP’s Amazon listing targets business though anyone can use this display for gaming and general productivity.

The HP EliteDisplay S14 measures 3.4 inches thick and weighs 2.20 pounds.