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Tivoli Audio Home Music System 2021 Updated Review

Tivoli Audio Home Music System 2021 Updated Review.

Change the way you experience audio in your home with the hi-fi system which combines mid-century modern design and the latest technologies and features of smart home devices. In this article, we have made a well-detailed review of the Tivoli Audio Home Music system and all you need to know before purchasing.

Tivoli Audio Home

About Tivoli Audio Home Music System

There are circumstances in life where appearances matter. If you’re going to be using an audio system in your home, it might make sense to ask if it meshes with your decor or not.

When it comes to the Tivoli Home Audio Music System, they’ve really gone out of their way to make something that looks nice.

That starts with a high-end material construction. Not only metallic studs for the base but real wood for the chassis. From top to bottom, everything about the construction quality is quite solid.

Plus, when it comes to features, the Tivoli Home Audio Music System has more than its share. There are some pretty extensive playback features.

The Home Music System has several main features. But foremost is its playback features. The Tivoli Audio Music System lets you stream CD-quality music from basically any streaming service.

That might include Spotify, QQ, Deezer, or even your own home network of audio files. You can also play FM or AM radio, CD, DAB, or Bluetooth connections. So basically every kind of music media imaginable is included and supported for playback.

And of course, there’s more to good audio than looking nice. How does the Tivoli system work when it comes to actually integrate your audio signals?

The answer to that question will partially depend on the kind of devices that you need to connect to the network.

But for a certain type of listener, this system is almost certainly going to have a strong appeal. It seems to have been made for people who value audio quality to the same degree which they value good design.


  • This Wi-Fi enabled speaker allows you to stream CD-quality sound from a variety of services.
  • State-of-the-art AM/FM tuner improves reception and increases clarity
  • With built-in Amazon Alexa you can voice command sources, volume and even get updates on news, weather, and recent Amazon orders
  • Bluetooth 4.1 audio streaming allows you to connect to your favorite device, even when Wi-Fi is unavailable.
  • With a built-in CD player, you can enjoy your collection of music in the highest quality.

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Tivoli Audio Home

  • Weight: 5.3 kg
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 222 x 406 x 165mm
  • AM/FM tuner
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Bluetooth®
  • CD Player
  • Stream music from services, such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Podcast services and more
  • Amazon Alexa Built-in (Deactivated out of box)
  • 3.5mm line input
  • 3.5mm line output
  • Ethernet jack
  • Stereo
  • Alarm Clock
  • Sleep timer
  • Remote Control
  • Furniture grade wooden cabinet
  • DC operation
  • One year warranty

Setting up

The four short legs upon which the unit rests aren’t pre-installed. They have a kind of spring-loaded catch to hold them in place. Jamming them in far enough for this to grab took a bit of effort.

I put off setting up the Wi-Fi network for a while and just plugged in Ethernet. But later when I was trying to explore the Alexa compatibility, I could find no settings in the app to get it going so figured I’d better see if it worked with a Wi-Fi connection.

The documentation says that to set up Wi-Fi and to set up Alexa you have to install the “Tivoli Audio Wireless App” on your iOS or Android device. I went to the app store. There is no “Tivoli Audio Wireless App”. Nor is there one in the Play Store.

But there was in both stores a “Tivoli Audio ART App” and a “Tivoli Remote”. Which one? The latter’s details were clear about which models it worked with, and the Tivoli Audio Music System Home wasn’t among them.

So, the ART app it was. A little reluctantly. In the App Store, it has a rating of just one star out of five. In the Play Store, it gets a mediocre 2.5 stars.

Audio Quality

This machine has four front-drivers, helping to build a balanced audio signature. And there’s surprisingly deep bass considering they haven’t built subwoofers into this system. But a lot of what this machine does for audio is done in background processes that are hard to appreciate.

In other words, a lot of the best features are things like codec support, so you can guarantee low latency connections between your wireless devices, and effortlessly carry high-resolution audio files across your network.

Those kinds of things aren’t something that is easy to appreciate from afar. But when you start to listen to your music and everything just works, that’s when it’s easier to appreciate what the Home Music System can do for you.

Still, this system does have a few sound limitations. It’s not designed to carry surround sound signals, for instance.

Since the speakers don’t have separate drivers for each part of the tonal range, like an included subwoofer or tweeter, the soundstage isn’t as wide as you might expect from such an otherwise high-quality sound system. But in a fair comparison against other stereo setups of this kind, these speakers do perform quite well.

It may also be important to remember that the speakers on this system are not the point. The speakers are just one more supporting part, one dimension of how this system is able to direct and redirect sound to the places where you want it.

Why Choose the Tivoli Audio Home Music System?

Tivoli Audio Home

You can find a lot of different audio systems out there. Some of them are really impressive. Part of what makes the Tivoli Audio system a little unique is because they’ve taken such care to make it a beautiful device.

Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if you like wood, then you’ll probably end up liking this system.

When it comes to audio performance, they haven’t forgotten that at the end of the day, this thing needs to sound good. So the speakers do perform pretty well.

They just don’t defy the kind of limitations you should expect from a speaker system without a tweeter or subwoofer. Provided that you’re connecting this system along with other audio devices, that shouldn’t be an issue.