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Tronsmart Element T2 Plus 20W Speaker 2020 Latest Updated Review

Tronsmart Element T2 Plus 20W Speaker 2020 Latest Updated Review

Element T2 Plus is an ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker that can deliver deep and powerful bass in a compact size, perfect for a pool party, outdoor gatherings or any other adventures


The speaker comes in a very compact packaging which looks smart and discrete. There are some feature listings behind the box, but on a whole, nothing much to write about here.

The quality of the packaging is pretty decent but I kind of wish they had used some protective foam for packing the main unit inside the box, since you can never tell what might happen during shipping.

Its price seems to fluctuate but currently it’s around £40 or $55, but check down below for the latest prices.

Inside the box you get the speaker itself, a micro-USB charging cable and a 3.5mm audio cable. There’s also a multi-lingual getting started guide. There’s no travel pouch or case.

It has a matte black finish with a metal grille and the Tribit logo, over the drivers. It’s pretty dense weighing 621g but feels solid with no flexing or creaking.  It sits on four small rubber feet.

Bluetooth Pairing

When you first turn it on with a single press of the power button, there’s a beep that can’t be disabled and the power status LED flashes blue indicating the speaker’s ready for pairing.

There’s no NFC pairing like there is on the Soundcore Boost. A single press of the power button also turns the unit off.

Like with the Boost, the speaker doesn’t support multi-pairing. And it can’t be connected to another speaker in a stereo pair either.

The JBL Flip 4 supports a Bluetooth connection to two devices simultaneously, and grouping with other JBL speakers.


The depth of sound quality tends to be a bit muddy, with treble highs and bass lows being a bit muffled compared to some other speakers I have tested. You’ll notice a difference in podcasts, too.

The volume range, in contrast, is massive for its size. It’s amazing how loud this thing can get, and you’ll see better depth of sound at louder ranges.

Given the price point and excellent water resistance, this is a perfect portable pool party speaker.

Phone functions also work just fine, with the ability to take calls and have conversations with relative clarity. You’ll want to be near the speaker to do this.

The 3600 mAH battery is really good, and will run for 24 hours at roughly 50% of sound volume. With that massive volume range, however, you won’t be ticking above 50% if you’re in your home office or bedroom (or kitchen).


Despite being a relatively affordable portable speaker, the unit itself is respectable when it comes to the overall feature set and certainly offers a lot given the price tag.

Bluetooth Daisy Chain

Very obviously it supports Bluetooth upto v5.0 but in addition the speaker has a unique feature where you can connect two of them for simultaneous playback.

We weren’t provided with a second unit to test out this functionality, so take it as per the manufacturers claim.

Memory Expansion

It has a TF/SD card slot as well to which you can store audio files offline in MP3/WAV/FLAC/APE formats. Also present is an AUX-IN port to which you can connect a source for wired playback.

Voice Assistant Compatibility

One of the most unique features of this speaker is that it is compatible with Various Voice assistants.

It has a built in microphone that can pick up commands when paired with Alexa. This isn’t a standalone feature so you need to have your voice assistant paired with the speaker for this feature to work.

Information About Tronsmart

With a rich experience in producing consumer electronics products, Tronsmart Element mission is to provide the highest quality electronic products to our beloved customer.

We are committed to continuous improvements of our products that go beyond expectations.

Technical support

This compact and portable 20W Bluetooth speaker offers clear, rich and relaxing sound like you’ve never enjoyed before, which it is a necessity for your friends gathering, beach party.

And the durable, spill-resistant design makes music easy both indoors and outdoors. Choose Tronsmart Element Bluetooth Speaker, let the music never stop.

Whats More

  • 20W audio output
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Voice Assistant
  • 24 hours playtime
  • Portable and Compact
  • Powerful Clarity Sound
  • Stereo coupling function (TWS Tech)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and Hands-free calls, 100ft Transmission Range
  • 24 Hour Playtime

Function Description

Tronsmart leading power management technology combined with a 3600mAH rechargeable Li-ion battery, one full charge lets you play music for up to 24 straight hours at 50% volume (Playtime varies according to volume level and audio content).

Voice Assistant & Hands-Free Calling

The Tronsmart Element Plus Bluetooth speaker works great with Amazon Echo Dot. It will amplify everything from Alexa. Hold the Power ON/OFF button once, the voice assistant will activate as Siri, Google Assistant etc.

Included 3.5 mm aux input cable helps your connect effortlessly with non-Bluetooth devices.