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TVS Gold Keyboard Review, Latest Price, Specs, and Durability

Are you looking for an awesome mechanical keyboard? Here we would review TVS Gold Keyboard that is a wired USB keyboard and would discuss specifications, pros, cons, and its price in India. Keyboards being a must for any computer, enriching the typing speed and giving the best experience while you type is a crucial thing for those who need a more extended typing experience.

TVS Gold Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards have been an enthusiast product, up till today.

These days it’s an increasing trend among bloggers, programmers, gamers, writers, and people who tend to greatly utilize their keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards, in general, are proven to reduce fatigue, and while users do pay attention they purchase, there are certain who buy just seeing the star-rating.

We request, please go in detail whether this kind of mechanical keyboard is suitable for your tasks or not.

The only gripe among customers is that the cost – highly advantageous and comfortable keyboard make you shell much money mostly.

TVS company’s product TVS Gold keyboard is made of mechanical Cherry switches, etched laser characters and keycaps with everlasting presence also it has a Rupee symbol in it.

It has a curved and study design. Main focus is its longevity. So it’s terrific for high workloads. It has a very high rated amazon product and also has some good reviews with it.

It is clickety / crackly – may not be great for quiet offices, but just right for home use, the tactile response is just excellent. 

This keyboard provided an excellent typing experience given the price point and is best suited for programmers, bloggers, gamers and people working in home or at office.

Design & Build Quality

Your philosophy about layout would issue a lot with this keyboard. It’s very basic and utilitarian, which is not a terrible thing.

A number of the keyboards like this DAS keyboard have a design that is pretty identical. The plastic is pretty good, and we loved the feel of this computer keyboard.

TVS Gold Keyboard

We believe that using a matte texture could have made this keyboard look a whole lot better, but it’s acceptable.

The keyboard’s design is understated, and how it’s targeted toward practitioners is evident. Certainly, it’s as in case this keyboard was designed to appear perfect in a table.

The TVS Gold USB Bharat keyboard doesn’t have any sort of design or colored accents that you generally find on most high-end keyboards.

It also lacks LED, and again, that’s something that is not that suitable for offices.

You want something practical and sober there, and yes, the TVS Gold keyboard is the same! For the TVS Gold keyboard price, you’re getting much.

One noticeable thing about the keys is that every single row of keys taper towards the row. Now, this makes the typing simple.

The keys of the keyboard are arranged in virtually a type-writer like a manner, so even though quite a good deal is tilted by it in the desk, it seems it in the angle.

The arrow keys, nevertheless, are tapered to the extent that they are almost flush with the surface.

Whenever you place your fingers, you’ll feel the keys, due to the lack of laser etching.

The printing looks a bit shoddy in areas, which decreases the overall aesthetic appeal. The keyboard is a bit more inclined by default, which truly helps you out.

Also, the plastic feet are well constructed and sturdy. The rubber feet are pretty awesome.

The USB cable is rugged, thick, and reliable, so we believe that durability isn’t gonna be a problem.

The length of its cable connector measures 1.5 meters (around 5 ft). The cable quality is tremendous. However, the duration is on the side.

So, in case your computer setup is somewhat further than your keyboard, you’ll want to put money into an extension cable.

TVS Gold Keyboard

TVS Gold Keyboard Typing Experience

Aforementioned, it has cherry MX blue switches that are exceptionally good to type.

The ease with which I am able to press the keys is amazing. It feels fast and actually takes a little practice to get used to.

After I switched from Logitech K330 to the TVS E-Gold keyboard, I felt weird initially, and typing speed got reduced for 1-2 days. But once you work on it for one day you will love it more than any other cheap keyboard.

It even feels better than the chicklet keyboard on my Dell latitude business laptop.


TVS Gold Keyboard Typing Speed

The keys have a small curvature and decent space between them to make sure you type accurately and do a lesser number of mistakes.  I did a little Speed benchmark test to see if it actually enhances the speed.

While typing on old Logitech keyboard I managed to type 28-32 Words per minute.

TVS Gold Keyboard

Notably, I saw an improvement, speed increased to 33-38 words per minute using the TVS-E-Gold. 

My fingers thanked me for the soft-touch keys and lesser actuation force required to type on this amazing mechanical keyboard Vs a non-mechanical keyboard.

It feels great to type and with each click, there is a click sound that makes you aware that the stroke is registered.

Also, You don’t actually need to press the key all the way down on a mechanical keyboard, unlike the membrane keyboard.

Besides, your click is registered halfway through, which reduces the amount of actuation force to type and even improves the speed.

Let’s talk about the pros of this product:

  1. It provides an enhanced typing experience that is suitable for a heavier workload for a typist for programmers for traders and all those who need and even gamers who need keyboards and hardy and durability to whom it is very specific. 
  2. It’s reliable and highly durable with every experience.
  3. Its typing experience is incredible, as this keyboard feels smooth. And provides an enlisted experience as you can type with a glide on it.
  4. TVS electronics marks and. Quality product and it has the impact of durability, for its mechanical keyboard of gold variants with cherry switches. It has a guarantee of 50 million strokes per key.

It still has following cons:

  1. It’s huge and bulky, and it takes up a lot of real estate on the table.
  2. The blue switches were pretty awesome in typing but very loud for office use.

TVS Gold Keyboard Review 2021: The Conclusion

We believe this keyboard is excellent for the price, and then this is a superb choice, in case you are planning to upgrade from a normal keyboard.

If you are a content writer, gamer, developer, or even if you use your computer a lot, then the TVS Gold USB Bharat keyboard will last a great deal more than any keyboard and will give you a very nice experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUES: How good is Tvs Gold Keyboard for gaming?

ANS: This is a no-nonsense mechanical keyboard, and the cheapest mechanical keyboard in India (as far as I know). It also uses CherryMX switches!

Mostly used in banks, offices etc.

I was thinking of buying this for my gaming.

QUES: Is TVS Gold (mechanical) keyboard compatible with OSX?

ANS: I was not sure at the time of purchasing the keyboard whether it would be compatible with my MacBook anyway I went with it and bought this TVS Keyboard from VPLAK. It works perfectly fine with OSX without any issues.