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VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot 2020 Review And Its Benefits

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot 2020 Review And Its Benefits.

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot is great for behavioral training and teaching your pet patience while entertaining them with the anticipation of treats. With its durable frame, it certainly looks like a “robot.” Varram was nice enough to include a guide for introducing your dog to the Varram.


With this  new bot to the household, pet owners will never again have to worry about their dog or cat feeling sad, lonely, bored or anxious.

The artificial intelligence-powered companion is set up to provide pets with the activity, engagement, and treats they crave even when their owner isn’t home.

With the free VARRAM app, available on iOS and Android, pet owners can create predefined schedules – where the robot will play with and dole out treats to pets on its own; engage the Manual Mode for impromptu play and treat sessions; and easily track their furry friends’ daily activity.

“Nearly a quarter of dogs suffer from separation anxiety when their owner leaves for extended periods,” said ByungJo Suh, CEO of VARRAM.

“These feelings often result in excessive barking and destructive behavior, which is difficult for pets, owners and neighbors.

Physical Construction & Control Interface

Technically speaking, this kit could be used by both cats and dogs. Though dogs might have more fun chasing this thing around, it takes very little to make the unit more cat-friendly, as with the photo above.

You have to know your own pets to make a judgement call as to whether or not they’ll want to chase after this kind of thing. But it’s a safe bet most of the time.

Once you pick it up, you can tell pretty quickly that the bot uses a pretty durable design.

It’s largely made from hardened plastics, such that the jaws of a canine aren’t likely to crack it. And the plastics enjoy an IPX4 water resistance rating, so you can spray down the toy to clean it off.

When it gets covered in dog slobber, being easy to clean is a pro.

The device itself is somewhat small. But the treads it uses to get around have a nice rubberized grip that makes them very effective for traversing most indoor areas.

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

It can’t climb couches. It doesn’t have the ability to mount stairs.

Yes, it is technically possible to get your hands on some bigger treads for outdoor use.

But even then, you’d want to stick to pretty tame terrain.

Smartphone Control

The smartphone app can do several things. You can schedule play times, that way the robot only kicks in when you’re not around.

Once you get a schedule going, this robot can really be hands-off, similar to a Roomba. Plus, the scheduling will have an important impact on the kind of battery outcomes you encounter.

How are you supposed to know if your pets are actually using this thing while you’re not around? Well, pet activity level of your pet is monitored with the aid of a laser and 6-axis sensor.

The sensors basically check whether or not your pets are actually near or touching the robot while it’s doing its thing.

And all of that is available in graphical form from the data portion of the app.

Battery Playtimes

In this case, you’re looking at an internal battery that’s supposed to last for about ten hours of play time. Of course, there are plenty of variables at play in that equation.

For instance, that figure is supposing a typical use pattern, following a 50-minute sleep cycle followed by 10-minutes of play.

In other words, the robot would be in operation for four hours per day, if you let it operate at night.

Only burning the battery for 10 minutes per hour, the robot can go between two and seven days without your intervention

It all depends on how often you program it to buzz around. But sooner or later you will have to recharge it.

VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

How about for continuous operation? Like, suppose you take control with a smartphone, how long can you play around? In that case, you end up with about 4-hours.

That’s pretty good — probably longer than you’d want to spend with it in one sitting. Plus it only takes about two hours to recharge from empty, so the robot is never sidelined for very long.

Recharging is done with a cable, so there’s nothing like a charging station necessary.

Should Anyone Try the Varram Pet Fitness Bot?

Everybody’s pet is a bit different. There’s no guarantee that your pets will love one toy or another.

That means the Varram Pet Fitness Robot will work for some people, and it won’t work for others. As with picking any toy, it’s usually a matter of trial and error.

If you know your pets, you can make an educated guess as to whether or not they’ll appreciate the device. And then you can check to be certain using the app.

All in all, this thing might be worth a shot if you’re away from your pets on a regular basis. It provides some degree of stimulation your furry friends might otherwise lack.

And if your pets do fall in love with it, then the Varram Pet Fitness Bot could potentially provide thousands of hours of entertainment