Waylens Secure360 with 4G 2021 Latest Updated Review

Waylens Secure360 with 4G 2021 Latest Updated Review.

Waylens’ built-in shock sensor means that anything from a slight bump to a serious accident will wake the Secure360 to keep an eye on whoever is mistreating your vehicle.

You’ll receive an alert and be able to view the video uploaded to Waylens Cloud Storage.

If a shady character approaches your vehicle, the Secure360 is on alert and will flash a light to let them know it’s watching.


The Waylens Secure360 4G is a 360° security camera for your car.

It mounts onto your windshield and captures everything going on in and around your car.

Even while your car is parked, Secure360 4G keeps an eye on it.

When the camera detects movement or an event occurs, Secure360 4G instantly begins recording video and audio to an optional microSD card.

In addition, a flashing LED helps deter a potential thief.

The camera comes with a 10-foot direct hardwire power cable and an adhesive windshield mounting plate.

A complete presentation


Built-in GPS geotags your video and audio for a more accurate presentation of an incident, and multiple view capability captures what was going on behind the wheel in addition to the road ahead.

Impressive quality

The Secure360 not only sports an incredible field of view, but it also features HD video enhanced with HDR for crisp imaging day or night.

Waylens has also engineered this dash cam to manage power efficiently when your vehicle is unattended, so it can monitor up to 15 days without you starting your car


The Secure 360 4G has a high-speed 4G LTE connection so you can check on your vehicle from your smartphone at any time.

A recorded event video is automatically uploaded to the Waylens Cloud to keep evidence secure, and available for on-demand access.

The device is equipped with an AT&T SIM card, and a subscription to a 4G LTE Data Plan is required.

The 4G version provides extra capabilities, including real-time location data and event notifications, live video streaming, and access to recorded video via the cloud.

Why you Should get it?


Optics: The Secure360 4G camera features a single lens with a seamless 360-degree view.

The 7-element, aspherical glass lens features an f/2.0 aperture and fixed focus.

Its 1/2.9″ back-illuminated Sony CMOS sensor and Ambarella image processor deliver high-quality images with HDR (high dynamic range).

Built-in infrared LEDs allow the camera to capture clear images in low light and dark conditions.


The Secure360 camera records video with advanced H.264 compression and flexible rate control.

It also records AAC-LC audio up to 48kHz with its built-in microphone.

The camera lets you live stream to your car from your smartphone, including speaking to a would-be thief through the built-in speaker.

Built-in GPS

Built-in GPS records the location information, speed, and traveling direction, as well as the time and date.

This data is embedded in the video file as it is being recorded to provide important details in case an accident or other event takes place.

It also helps you keep track of your vehicle’s location at any time.

After Hours Protection:

When the car is parked (and the ignition off), Secure360 4G is still protecting your car with its low-power sensors.

The device’s motion sensor and 3-axis accelerometer automatically wake up the camera and start the video recorder whenever there is movement near

Waylens Secure App


The Waylens Secure app lets you access video data recorded by the Secure360 4G security camera.

You can choose from an immersive 360° view or a split-screen view of your recorded video.

The Waylens Secure app is compatible with iPhone and iPad running iOS 9.0 or later, and with Android devices with Android 5.0 and up.

Power Requirements

The cable has constant and switched power connections, plus ground, and plugs into the camera via a Type-C USB connection.

The camera is fully powered whenever the ignition switch is on.

When the ignition is off, the low-power sensors keep protecting your vehicle for up to 360 hours without draining your battery.

Keeping an eye on your car


The beauty of the constant power connection to your battery is a claimed 360 hours of standby time before the Secure360 shuts off.

The camera accomplishes this task by going into a “sleep mode” until it senses motion.

It will then wake up, begin flashing to warn the intruder, and start filming any action going on around

However, the camera does take a few seconds to power on and record,


Driving mode is just like a dashcam. It records a constant string of video as long as the car is turned on.

This data is all uploaded to Waylen’s cloud and analyzed. Any time abnormal movement or activity is detected, the video is flagged.

You can use the free app to view what the camera detected as being abnormal. Alternately, you can just view the whole drive as a standard video file.

Parking mode works a little differently.

The camera comes technically turned off, although several sensors are monitoring the environment.

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