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What Does “HBU” Mean, and How Do You Use it on Social Media?

– What Does HBU Mean –

At some point, we become victims of sentence contractions and acronyms. No doubt these acronyms like the hbu acronym are created from cliches, mostly tired overused phrases. If, during a conversation, this is sent to you, don’t worry; it means something kind as you will find in this article.

What Does HBU Mean?

It is amazing how acronyms and condensed words predominantly contain positive meaning. The popular “lol” implies happiness for the best part of sarcasm, expanding to “laugh out loud”.

HML for “Happy married life” and TTL, a Gen-Z abbreviation to confuse baby-boomers, meaning “talk to you later.”

There are lots of these contemporary time-savers. Whether you wear your glasses kilometers from your eyes or you want to learn phrases to buy you minutes as you get ready for work, this article is for you.

Keep reading for more on “what does HBU mean.”

Social Media Acronym Gallery

Well, we can’t just give you cake without a glass of champagne and some take-home package. This section will convince you that this generation means business- that time is money (so-to-say), and that shorter sentences are more effective in communication.

We offer you a variety of social media acronyms to use in your daily conversations. We also provide rules on how and where to use them.

You can make this a fun game- a quiz. Try guessing what each of these abbreviations mean.

In alphabetic order:


What Does HBU Mean?

Well, the plan was to guess its meaning before reading to this point. This point now…and this, go back and test your neurokinetic ability.

As I supposed, you guessed wrong. AFAIK is an abbreviation for “As Far As I Know”.

Example: “AFAIK, your guess was wrong”.


This is your second chance to show honesty- it doesn’t have to be your highest yet. Now guess its meaning. Keep guessing…

Actually, this isn’t a direct abbreviation. It is a copywriting funnel formula for conversion and tracking. It is used to create effective website copies, emails, social media updates, blog posts, online ads, etc.

AIDA is an acronym for “Attention, Interest, Desire, Action”.

Example: “Check this out! Tech Drillers is giving an 80% discount on smart wristwatch orders. Best time for a low-budget purchase. Click this  link to claim yours now.”

You can scroll to the “H” section for “what the HBU definition.”

3. AMA

What Does “HBU” Mean, and How Do You Use It?

You skipped the rules twice, and you have grown a habit to not guess. Let’s get right into it.

We can use this abbreviation in any preferred tone (formal or informal). In social media marketing, we can use these initials

to signal a call for questions.

It means “Ask Me Anything.”

Example: “I am Crystal, a content writer and SEO strategist. You are welcome to my SEO AMA session.


4. ASL

You know as companies and other formal organizations request some personal information from applicants? This is one of those power questions, but with an informal structure.

ASL is an acronym for Age/Sex/Location.

Its structure will determine the nature of response. What I mean is, if it is expanded and listed as:



Location; this is a formal organization asking. But when abbreviated as ASL, it is an informal request to know one another.

Example: “Hello friend, great to meet you. May I know you? ASL.

5. B4

What Does “HBU” Mean, and How Do You Use It?

A beautiful union is what you’re thinking. Letters and numbers combined to create a sentence, yet so short – how very creative!

B4 is simply short for Before. I won’t entirely agree with you when you say it is for lazy fingers. The best explanation will be found if you look “beyond what you see”. Think of it as a passable union. A remarkable attempt at creativity.

Example: “B4 you say anything else, I’m glad you are here.”

6. BAE

This acronym is one of the many we just pick from the environment, grow into and hand over to promising lovebirds. You have used this no denying it. The question rather is, if you meant it.

Unless for the few conscious fellows, who are particular about what they say and their meanings, the BAE syndrome is all love and priority revolution.

The BAE acronym is one that evaluates priority. It means “Before Anyone Else.” It gives a sense of importance to the receiving party.

Think of it as actively synonymous to “babe.”

Example: ” My BAE, served me a beautiful note at breakfast.”

Read further for answers to “what does HBU mean.”

7. BFF

BFF- Best Friends Forever

Signaling closeness and friendship, this abbreviation is a person tag. For its feminine qualities, the female gender uses it most.

It also informs of companionship and has a forever bond to it.

BFF simply means “Best Friends Forever.”

Example: “Esther and Tracy are BFFs.

8. BRB

Have you ever wanted to pause a conversation politely and rush to an emergency? This acronym can save your discussion and still provide you time to put out that fire.

The best part is, psychology says assurance endorses confidence. However informal, the first and last letter “B”, provides that genteel of civilization.

Just as you would need permission to walk out during a physical lecture, you also think it wise to not abruptly stop a conversation without permission and without sounding too formal.

BRB is your saving grace in such situations and means “Be Right Back“. The best use is, it doesn’t hint of any activity you want to leave to address, nor does it make your listeners want to inquire further.

Example: “BRB in 10.”


This is a concluding coin for debaters. Used mostly after an opponent has made a valid point but you still maintain a conviction that for some reason, you are right.

BTAIM offers a grand conclusion in a loose argument.

It is an acronym for “Be That As It May.

Example: “BTAIM, brushing with baking soda is more powerful than toothpaste.”

10. BTW

What Does “HBU” Mean, and How Do You Use It?

This acronym introduces a soft warning or a reminder. It displays an omitted thought, an unrelated addition to a sentence, or continued thought. It serves the same purpose as the “hyphen, ellipses, and the semi-colon.”

BTW is short for “By The Way.”

Example: “…he opened the file and read out some names; the Kevins were there BTW.

11. DAE

Often used in an online group or a meeting of over three participants and where one feels reluctant to call out a name.

DAE is an acronym for “Does Anyone Else.

Example: “DAE need a link to retrieve the promo code?” Just a little further to defining “what does hbu mean.”

12. DM

You mostly find this in comment boxes or in open or grouped chat platforms with several members. This acronym is used to invite one for a more private discussion.

It takes a more humorous form when it is inflated to “Slide into my DeeHeem.” Slide,  implying a slippery or uncalculated appearance- an unusual, funny way to say message me.

DM simply means “Direct Message.

Example: “…the blue pants are out of stock, but if you want to pre-order, kindly DM me your information.”

13. ELI5

My first time seeing this, I made a mess out of a full pronunciation.

A second attempt was to think about the Bible character – Priest Eli. This is also another creative combination of letters and numbers just as saying “B4.”

What this actually means is “Explain Like I’m 5.” A good way to represent concision and precision.

It is often used in examples line: ELI5, where do babies come from?”

Well, good luck explaining that like you’re 5.

14. F2F

This is simply short for “ Face To Face.

Example: “Let’s meet Face to Face.”


15. FB

You should win this on first guess.

Mark and the Zuckerberg family have made this acronym common that they consider it formal in most organizations.

It is short for “Facebook.

On most resumes, digital marketing resumes mostly, you won’t find the inflated form existing just naturally unless forced. It takes one with a keen attention to detali to spot these mistakes; just as you haven’t noticed the interchange in “detail”.

Example: “I met my fiancee on FB.” We are closing in on “what does hbu mean.”

16. FOMO

Better describes a type of social anxiety. With FOMO, you would think missing out on something important means failure.

Often, in today’s social space, FOMO is talked about in such context that missing out on a company’s update or new release implies missing out in a lifetime opportunity.

FOMO means “Fear of Missing Out.

17. FTW

We usually use this as a written sarcastic exclamation or in jubilant celebration.

FTW means “For The Win.

Example: “Pedro FTW!

18. FYI

FYI- For Your Information

This is pronounce lettered and written. Sometimes imploring sarcasm, other times seriousness and in better times, information.

FYI means “For Your Information.

Example: “FYI, I’m a 5’8

19. G2G

This means “Got To Go.

Example: “Talk to you later. G2G.

20. TTYL

As seen in previous examples, some of these abbreviations can be combined. It is important to know the knowledge of your chat partner on these acronyms.

This will save you the embarrassment of explaining every letter to its reason and trust me, you don’t want to be a victim to such.

TTYL means “Talk To You Later.

Example: “gotta go. TTYL.

21. HBD

Just as asking “what does HBU mean?”, some find this very annoying. In their opinion, if you were to wish me well, you had better spelled every damn word correctly; and get the pronunciations right too.

HBD in their opinion, is like feeding half-baked bread to an assumed friend while he has the option to accept or reject it.

HBD means “Happy BirthDay.

Now I’m sure you agree with them.

Example: “HBD Lisa!” Such irony!

22. HBU

HBU is a contracted form for “How About You.”

Directly it evolves to become “How ’bout You.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Does WYD Mean in Text Conversation?

Ans: “WYD stands for What’re You Doing?

2. What Does ‘HMU’ Mean in A Text/chat Message?

Ans: “HMU stands for Hit Me Up?

3. What is the meaning of LOL, IMO, IDK, LMAO, IDC?

Ans: “LOL, IMO, IDK, LMAO, IDC stands for Laugh out loud, In My Opinion, I Don’t Know, Laugh My Ass Out, and I Don’t Care, respectively?

4. What does ‘ty’ mean in computer slang?

Ans: “TY stands for Thank You?

5. What does “ft” mean in text?

Ans: “FT can mean several things, as feet, fit, feature; it depends on the context and surrounding meaning?

6.  When you are texting, what does idk mean?

Ans: “IDK stands for I don’t Know?

7. What does it mean when a woman texts “wyd”?

Ans: “WYD stands for What’re You Doing?

8. What does ‘IDK’ mean in a text message or chat?

Ans: “IDK stands for I don’t know?”

9. What is full form of ASAP, IMAO, LOL and LMAO?

Ans: The full forms are:“ASAP, IMAO, LOL and LMAO stands for As Soon As Possible, Laugh My Ass Out, and Laugh Out Loud, respectively?

10. In texting, what is the meaning of ‘MHM’?

Ans: “MHM is a general form for agreement and assertion. Think of it as nodding in agreement and an unvoiced YES?

We hope this article on “what does HBU mean” has the answers  you were looking for. We hope to update our list soon. Do well to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on articles like this and on tech too. Use the share button to share this with your loved ones.

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