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Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker 2020 Latest Updated Review

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker 2020 Latest Updated Review

Whistle is a GPS tracking device for dogs and cats that  uses GPS technology for active tracking and cellular  consists of a tracking unit attached to the pet’s collar or harness.

Whistle is a GPS tracking device for dogs and cats that  uses GPS technology for active tracking and cellular  consists of a tracking unit attached to the pet’s collar or harness.

It further employs WiFi to establish safe zones and Bluetooth to aid the establishment of a connection between the tracking unit and the pet guardian’s smartphone

Whistle 3 GPS and Pet Tracker at a Glance

Whistle is a pet tracker and GPS device that attaches to your dog’s existing collar. The unit uses AT&T’s cellular connectivity, as well as GPS and GLONASS signals, to accurately track the location of your pet.

Whatever subscription plan you choose will cover the costs of using GPS, GLONASS, and AT&T’s network—so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees on your cell phone bill.

So in the event that Fido escapes from the backyard, you’ll be able to ping her location on the Whistle app, find where she is, and leash her up before the dog catcher or city animal control gets called.

The Whistle is relatively small and is intended to fit animals who are 8 pounds and heavier. However, the Whistle looked a bit large and unwieldy on Gunner, who weighs about 55 pounds.

Consequently, this GPS pet tracker might be better suited for medium-to-large dogs, not small dogs.

Whats More

Whats More


The device is resistant to impact.

It boasts IP67 rating for shock and dirt resistance and can thus endure rough play and a variety of unfavorable conditions, which makes it suitable for pets that enjoy virtually all forms and levels of activity.


Whistle is resistant to water. It boasts an IP67 waterproof rating, which guarantees that the device can withstand submersion in water of up to 3 feet for 30 minutes without suffering any damage.


The device comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 7 days on a single charge with minimum use and good WiFi and cellular coverage. With limited WiFi and cellular coverage, the battery normally lasts for 2-3 days. It takes 2 hours to fully recharge the battery.

The convenient attachment piece keeps the Whistle securely attached to your dog’s existing collar instead of using a one-size-fits-all GPS dog collar or oversized pet tracking collar for dogs.

That said, the Whistle isn’t just a pet GPS tracker—it also monitors activity too.

Specifically, it looks at calories burned and time spent resting or being active.

This feature offers insight into your pup’s daily life and can help you adequately address health or mental stimulation.

For example, Gunner transforms from headstrong troublemaker to a docile dog after a mellow three-mile jog.

Thanks to the activity tracker, it’s easy to see when his last outing was and address it, so he can quit being naughty and relax.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The device attaches to your dog’s collar with a plastic clip and a rubber strap.

The tracker itself slides in and out of the clip easily, so you can remove it and place it in the charger base station as needed.

You’d think the base would include something like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to facilitate communication with the Whistle and your smartphone or the Internet, but it doesn’t.

Instead, the Whistle connects to the Internet over 3G only (this is its coverage map).

The base station contains a short-range proprietary radio that talks to the device, however, providing a 150- to 200-foot circular beacon zone (the documentation calls it the Whistle Zone).

The system checks whether your pet is in the zone every 12 minutes, which is how the Whistle knows when it may have gone rogue.

That short-range radio connection helps save on battery life

Features and Battery Life

Everyone in the pet-tracking space seems to be using AT&T’s network for GPS positioning, probably because it offers a relatively inexpensive monthly or yearly subscription plan.

The carrier you have on your phone doesn’t matter.

As mentioned, you get a 90-day trial to check out the Whistle GO Explore, which is important if you live somewhere lacking effective AT&T coverage.

The key to good battery life with the GO Explore is to make sure you pair the device with the Wi-Fi found in your current location.

The app supports multiple Safe Places, so you can list your home, office, wherever you frequent.

Log in at the Wi-Fi in each location, register that network in the app with each location you record, and each spot becomes a safe zone.


  • Tracks location and activity.
  • Accurate home range and notifications.
  • One account can track multiple pets.


  • Each pet requires an individual service plan.
  • No adventure hike tracking

WhyYou Should Get it

  • Accurate GPS Geolocation

When your dog leaves a safe zone or Wi-Fi area, Whistle immediately notifies you with their specific geolocation.

So you don’t have to go wandering around the neighborhood aimlessly—instead, you can check the app and find the house number or cross-street location.

  • Affordable Plans

Whether you choose the month-to-month option or the two-year subscription, Whistle has a variety of affordable plans.

No matter which plan you choose, you’re guaranteed dependable GPS tracking, customizable pet profiles, and activity monitoring.

And the most you’ll pay per month is $9.95, which is less than a monthly pet insurance fee.

  • Nationwide Coverage

From Acadia, Maine, to Portland, Oregon, Whistle keeps you connected to your furry friend.

Whistle employs AT&T cellular connectivity, GPS, and GLONASS satellites.

So as long as you have service on your cellular device, you should have access to the Whistle app and tracker.

Performance and App

Setting up the Whistle GPS Activity Tracker is easy. Download the free app for Android or iOS, create an account, tap “Set up a new Whistle,” pick a product, and type in the ID found on the back of the tracker.

Enter multiple codes for multiple pets—each dog needs a profile.

You can detail goals for your canine’s activity in minutes, along with the zone where they live. Set up notifications and a service plan for the 3G/GPS service, and you’re ready to track.

Notifications are great. The every-12-minutes zone check means your dog won’t get much of a head start if it wanders outside the zone (of course, some dogs can go a long, long way in a few minutes).