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xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds 2020 Updated Review

xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds 2020 Updated Review.

Wireless earbuds have always been a little hit or miss. Sometimes they sound good but look ugly. Sometimes they’re comfortable, but not portable. Also, sometimes you can find headsets that are perfect for runners but aren’t perfect for people who just want to commute home from work. This article has given you a well-updated review on xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds.

xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds 2020 Updated Review

About xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds

In a number of ways, xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds are distinctly better than similar audio equipment. These earbuds are some of the most portables on the market right now, and with one of the smallest and most compact charging cases, too.

From a technical standpoint, xFyro Aria was made alongside some of the best consumer-grade technologies you can pack into earbuds at the present moment. That includes modern wireless technologies like Bluetooth 5, a higher-end waterproofing certification, an almost best-in-class battery lifespan, and a number of common-sense features that really help round things out.

xFyro ARIA manages to break the rules by offering truly great sound along with a supremely comfortable and convenient design.


  • Hands-Free Stereo Calling: With a built-in beamforming microphone and handy button functions, you can conveniently take, make, and redial calls and also pause and play your music with ease.
  • Noise Suppression and Isolation: Our noise suppression and noise isolation technology allows you to enjoy your music in peace and quiet and answer calls without missing any words.
  • High-Speed Charging: The high-speed charging case for your earbuds gives you a whopping 32 hours of listening time with just a short 15-minute charge
  • Connect to Multiple Devices: Share music with your loved ones without getting tangled in wires. Universal compatibility with virtually all Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Watches, and more!
  • Built to Last and Impress: Carefully crafted with premium materials to ensure a durable build and a look that is sure to impress.

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Battery Life

Magnetically connect your earbuds to the battery case to enjoy a total listening time of 32 hours before having to recharge your case.

  • 32 hrs of battery life with a charging case.
  • 8 hrs of battery life on one charge.
  • 3 hrs listening time on a 15-minute quick charge.

Audio Quality

Audio Quality

Many different earbuds end up sounding pretty similar. Because most of them are using the same essential technologies, or using small variations of very similar technologies. They also share many of the same limitations.

So people who end up deciding which earbuds to pick based on appearances alone aren’t being totally ridiculous, especially if they’re shopping well-outside of the audiophile price range.

In that regard, xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds sound fairly typical for this price range. There are a couple of things that help highlight their sound as opposed to similar headsets. Out of the box, these earbuds have pretty powerful bass. Mid-highs are also particularly strong, which really helps to boost vocals.

The higher end of the treble range isn’t particularly well represented, though that’s something that’s not terribly uncommon for earbuds. You can level out that part of the sound with an equalizer, or otherwise draw back the bass levels to normality, should your tastes require it.

Unfortunately, xFyro Aria doesn’t provide you with an equalizer, or sound profiles you can move between. But frankly, not many people actually use those types of features, and you can download an equalizer app in about two minutes, so these are minor complaints.

Comfort Options

These earbuds include a pretty standard array of ear tips, including two sets in three sixes. Interestingly, there’s actually some real noticeable difference between these sizes. Many earbuds only include marginally steps between each size, whereas here you’ll find rather distinctly small, medium, or large buds. People who’ve had issues with finding the right size in the past may have better luck here.

Unfortunately, this kit does not include any memory foam ear tips. Those are an increasingly popular type that can provide a little extra passive noise protection. But the included tips are reasonably good at blocking nose, as least as far as silicone ear tips go. Not many people want to have to switch between different types of ear tips, anyway. It’s a minor hassle unless the extra noise isolation is essential to you.

Wireless Connectivity

The xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds get their wireless connection with the assistance of Bluetooth 5. That includes an EDR chip and all the modern benefits of wireless technologies.

After a short period of setup, these earbuds will be able to automatically pair with each other when you remove them from their case. They’ll also remember to pair quickly with your other devices, and enjoy the battery-saving benefits of the format.

The only room for complaint here is that your wireless connectivity only runs about 30-feet. Pretty standard for earbuds like this, but worth keeping in mind for someone who needs more distance.

Who Should Choose xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds?

Who Should Choose xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds?

xFyro Aria Wireless Earbuds use a fairly innovative charging case, which is easily one of the most compact yet highly functional designs out there. The amazingly high portability of the case means their battery capacity suffers slightly, in some ways.

But if you can look past that, these earbuds get a lot done. Their microphone goes above and beyond with CVC 6.0. With respect to audio quality, things sound pretty good. They are only marred by the absence of any extra noise-cancelling technologies.

Something like ANC or memory foam ear tips would have been a nice addition. But for earbuds in this price range, and for people who don’t have a reason to need extra-powerful noise isolation, Aria Wireless Earbuds are a bit of a no brainer.