Yamaha Tsr-700 Network AV Receiver, Price, Specifications, and Review

Yamaha Tsr-700 has been one of those receivers that have been in the market for a while now, gaining the trust of audiophiles with reliable sound and quality.

The Yamaha Tsr-700 is also among some of the best AV receivers out there, I mean, you have to hand it to Yamaha, they did a good job on the receiver. And customers seem to like it too.

Yamaha Tsr-700

In terms of features and price, the TSR range is on a similar level to the RX-V series.

So why would you go for a TSR model? Well, mainly if you are an audiophile.

The TSR series of receivers come with high-end Burr-Brown DACS (Digital Audio Converters) and Yamaha’s Cinema DSP 3D processing.

But of course, I won’t want to bore you out long speeches, Let’s dive right in and see everything the Yamaha Tsr-700 has to offer.

Features of Yamaha Tsr-700

So, we are in this part of every article, where you have to read through carefully to decide whether or not you will purchase the merchandise.

Well Let’s Get Started Then.

Unparalleled Sound

For those without in-ceiling or upward-firing speakers in their system, Dolby Atmos with Height Virtualization Technology simulates the Atmos experience with forwarding facing-drivers.

Configure up to five speakers to replicate the effect of two in-ceiling speakers, or utilize all seven channels to simulate the powerful effect of four overhead speakers.

Feel every dimension in Dolby Atmos.

Enjoy a 5.1 surround speaker system and two additional overhead speakers or two Dolby Atmos elevation speakers, delivering dramatic overhead effects for truly enveloping audio – including Dolby Surround upmixer for legacy content.


CINEMA DSP 3D for Movie, Music and Game

This unique Yamaha proprietary sound field creation technology was created by combining measured sound field data with digital signal processing.

Yamaha collected sound field data from famous concert halls and music clubs around the world, utilizing its wealth of experience in the fields of concert hall design, public address and mixing.

By digitizing this vast trove of information and incorporating it into dedicated LSI devices, it effectively reproduces the spaces of concert halls and music clubs in your home.

Immerse yourself in the astounding realism of your movies, and enter a world of profound theater sound.

AV Setup Guide App for Initial Setup – Easy Setup

No worries, no confusion. Use this special app to receive expert setup assistance for your AV receiver and source devices.

It even guides you through various other settings such as speaker connections, TV and source device connections and power amplifier assignments.

Easy Operation by MusicCast App

Use your smartphone or tablet together with the MusicCast CONTROLLER app to operate the AVR and change settings quickly and easily.

The same Controller app functions as a remote control for all your MusicCast-compatible devices as well as full multi-room audio controls.

Voice Control (Alexa, Google Assistant)

Touch or voice control – the choice is yours. Intuitively control a single MusicCast product or an entire whole-of-home system with ease using Alexa or Google Assistant and hear your home come alive.

Yamaha Tsr-700

Wireless Rear Speaker

Combine this AV receiver with the MusicCast 50 or MusicCast 20 wireless streaming speaker and enjoy the amazing convenience of creating a home theater with wireless surround sound.

What’s more, you get stunningly realistic sound with a clean, clutter-free setup.

Easily turn your current living room into a special entertainment environment where you can fully enjoy movies and music.

Impressive and Powerful Design Concept

Yamaha’s bold streamlined chassis emanates the key aspects of Home Entertainment Control.

The iconic design with refined aggression focuses on performance and seamless accessibility.

A harmony that exudes elegance, function and supremacy in construction.

SCENE Buttons with the Ability to Preset Songs and Stations

There are four SCENE buttons. You can preset them for different inputs, as well as a sound field program, Music Enhancer, HDMI output, and more.

The inputs can be set to specific sources, such as an FM or Internet radio station, a station on a streaming service, a USB device, or a song on a PC or NAS (network).

Once you have set the buttons, simply press one on the main unit or the remote control to power on the receiver and hear your desired music. The buttons can be re-set at any time.

Streaming Service

Explore a world of music with music streaming services built-in.

Synchronizing your playlists and tracks from your smartphone or computer to the AV receiver, music streaming services make it impossibly easy to either listen to your favorites or discover new music.

(Music streaming service availability varies by region).

Well we have come to the end of this review, We hope we were of help to you in deciding whether or not you’d buy the Yamaha Tsr-700 Network AV Receiver.

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