Z-EDGE T4 Dual Dash Cam 2020 Latest Updated Review

Z-EDGE T4 Dual Dash Cam 2020 Latest Updated Review

Z-EDGE T4 is a modern dashboard camera that brings numerous great features to the table. Each of its cameras are equipped with a thick 6-layer glass, advanced WDR technology and high-end processing technology


Z-EDGE T4 is the latest dashboard camera from Z-Edge. This powerful unit has just been released a few months, ago, in Q4 2018.

Coming with a large 4” touch screen, 4 preset modes, one-hand operation, dual HD recording, super clear night vision and many other features, this dash cam is poised to take over the market in 2019 and beyond.

It offers a clear range of view and enables you to stay protected during all your trips. It also protects your parked vehicle using the parking monitoring feature.

The Z-Edge T4 carries a number of options to suit your tastes. First there is a quick menu that’s accessed from the left side of the screen.

From here you can set different recording modes: Drive, Scenic, Park and WDR. Selecting Drive mode is an everyday setting optimised for regular use.

Design and features

Gushing and consternation aside, the T4 is a somewhat large dark gray and silver camera, measuring approximately 4.5 x 2.5 x 1 inch at the lens.

As mentioned, it has a huge 4-inch touch display that’s deftly responsive.

On the top of the camera are the micro-USB power port and the mini-USB port for the rear camera. On the left side of the unit SD card slot (up to 128GB) and the power button.

That’s it. The touch display obviates the need for other buttons. The camera sports a 155-degree field of view, and max resolution is 1440p. You can step that down to save storage space if need be.


The T4’s day, night and low-light captures are as good as they get. That may kill the suspense, but just look at them yourself, and you tell me if I have to rattle on any further.

The day capture above shows nice detail, and the stabilization, which you can’t see in a still photo, is also quite good. WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) is available, but wasn’t in use in this capture.

The T4’s rear camera captures are better than some system’s front captures. The dark areas in the image above are from the overhanging trees and the close proximity of the window borders in my convertible.

Night captures and low-light captures are very nice, capturing lots of detail and not too much headlight flare.

The image below shows how much detail will appear in your surroundings when you process the image brightness.



  • No GPS capability
  • Screen is hard to see from most angles
  • Rear camera needs hard wiring to avoid lots of trailing cables

What’s in the box?

  • main camera unit
  • 12-volt 2-outlet power plug
  • rear camera 1.5” x 1.5” x .5” with a hinged mounting plate and permanent adhesive tape
  • 3’ USB-A to miniUSB power cable
  • 26’ microUSB to microUSB cable for connecting the two cameras
  • suction-cup windshield mount for the main unit
  • 32-GB TF micro data card
  • instruction sheet that you can actually see


Setup of the system is simple. Mount the front-facing main unit to your windshield to get the best view of the road ahead. Plug in the power adapter and run the power cable to the main unit.

Mount the rear camera (you may want to have someone else help with this for best positioning.) Run the 26’ cable from the rear camera up to the main unit on your windshield.

The camera is automatically detected when you plug it in, and you are given the option to view just the front camera, just the rear camera, or the front with the rear in the upper quarter of the frame, picture-in-picture style.

Two taps and you’re back to a different view. Easy-peasy.

Z-Edge T4 Dual Dash Cam – One-Hand Operation

One of the aspects that make this dual-recording system extremely appealing for modern drivers is the one-hand operation.

Since all drivers are quite familiar to using smartphones, we can only assume that they love this device.

The way you can use this unit and the fact that it is so easy to personalize can give you huge satisfaction.

You can easily lock the current video, navigate the settings, navigate the menu and perform additional operations. All with just one finger.

No more buttons, fuss & hassle. This unit is specially designed for optimal feel and is created to simplify the navigation in order to enhance your experience.

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