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Zmodo Pivot 360° Robotic Camera 2020 Detailed Review

Zmodo Pivot 360° Robotic Camera 2020 Detailed Review. 

Zmodo Pivot 360° Robotic Camera: Monitored home security and awareness has evolved quite a bit over the last few years. Transforming your home into a “Smart Home” is the next big step that many families are now considering. Many people want to be connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the ability to check-in, view and manage from any location in the world. 

Zmodo Pivot 360° Robotic Camera

What’s it all about? 

Zmodo makes a whole lineup of Smart Home products that can all be connected and synced to work with the Pivot 360° Robotic Camera & Smart Home Hub.

Some of these include their smart doorbell, smart lighting, door and window sensors, and air quality sensors. Now even if you don’t plan to add-on any of those devices, Pivot is a fantastic piece of equipment on it’s own.

Think of it as an all-in-one device for monitoring your home. 

Smartphone Access 

Having the ability to check in on your home from your smartphone is a priceless feature to have in most cases.

With the Zmodo Pivot, controls can be accessed right from your smartphone, no matter how far away from home you are.

View a live feed, pivot the camera, configure alerts, or adjust settings can all be done in a matter of seconds.

This offers a fun yet very useful way to get live insight into your home while away.

Storage & Cloud Service 

One thing that we really like is that it’s equipped with internal storage. Inside, there are 16 Gigabytes of storage space for saving up to 2 days worth of footage.

You can even set it up to save on the cloud for increased protection or additional storage. 

So far, Zmodo has said that you’ll be able to make clips, share them, and/or save them. Also, no word on the cost of this service (if at all). 

Motion Detection Camera

Motion Detection Camera 

It has a 360-degree motion sensor that detects movement anywhere in the room, then rotates to the correct position to capture it all at once.

With a 4x digital zoom, 135-degree angle of view, and recordings in full 1080p high definition, there won’t be any issues with quality or overall clarity. Once movement is detected, the recording will automatically begin. 

Night Vision 

With infrared night vision built-in, Pivot can see it total darkness for up to 32 feet.

The infrared will turn on and turn off automatically when it detects that it’s needed.

We feel that the 32 foot range is quite good, considering most rooms in most houses are probably not any further than this length. 

Full Features & Specifications 

  • Camera – 1080p HD, full color, 135 degree angle of view, 4x digital zoom, 2.1mm lens. 
  • Rotation – 360 degree motion detection, 360 degree pan range, automatic 360 degree pan when motion is detected, manual control via app. 
  • Sensors – Temperature and humidity. 
  • Audio – Two way audio, internal microphone, Bluetooth speaker. 
  • Storage – 16 gigabytes built-in. 
  • Connection – WiFi, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (version 7 or newer), Android (version 4 or newer) 
  • Night Vision – Up to 32 feet with automatic infrared cut. 
  • Size – 75-millimeter diameter, 135-millimeter height. 
  • Power – DC 5V power supply, micro USB, battery-pack coming soon. 

Overall Thoughts 

Overall Thoughts

With all of the great features that the Zmodo Pivot 360° Robotic Camera & Smart Home Hub showcases, it offers a total solution for anyone looking to improve their home security and overall awareness. With full 1080p high definition recordings, movement unlike any other security camera, and the ability to sync with an assortment of additional Zmodo Smart Home Products, there’s plenty of usefulness for it.